Around Nami Island

Friday, April 3, 2015

I didn't put any effort in researching on how to get here before I set foot in Seoul. In fact, I only got to know about it the morning my babysis and I decided to set off to Nami. Just one of those days when I want to let my adventurous spirit loose.

We were told by our dear Korean friends that there's a shuttle service from Seoul, but just the thought of sitting for two hours bored me stiff! So we chose to take the subway from where we stayed, Itaewon. Changed a few trains before we reached Gapyeong station.

To view the whole map, click HERE.

Do you know you can eat and drink inside the trains in Korea? Neither do we! We bought our breakfast but were too scared we might get fined for eating inside the train lol. Btw that waffle is da bomb!! I had it every single day after I tried it once. Wonder if I can get them here in Singapore.

From Gapyeong station, we shared a cab with a couple from Singapore who were there for their honeymoon. You can also take a bus from here.


There are two ways you can get over to the island. Either you hop onto the ferry or you can make your way up the Namiseom Zip Wire tower and zoom down along a wire cable, like this!

Picture from: Google Images

How awesome kan!!

So of course being the daredevil me, it's totally obvious what my choice is, no?

TAA-DAA! A less than 2 minutes experience for 38000 won(almost S$50).

Just as we were excited to make payment, we were informed that the minimum weight is 45 kg.

& my sister is only 38kg fml......

No choice but to take the ferry. Booooring!

Someone's so upset. Why are you such a skinny fry?!?EAT MORE LA!

Up the ferry we went instead, but it wasn't too bad afterall cos the view is too picturesque!


Really looks like a painting doesn't it..

Bungee jumping!

Good morning Namiseom!


The first thing we noticed about Nami was how perfect it is for camwhores - like us!
We just wanna snap pictures everywhere, at all possible angles :D

Why hello there you cute little thang! This curious fella came up to us after watching us snapping away.

We explored the island and found this railway track. Assuming that it was an abandoned one since we don't see any trains around, we climbed over those log fence, placed our bags and started taking pictures.

About ten minutes later we were alarmed by sound of the horns from the back. Imagine our kancheong-ness when we turned and saw...


We grabbed our bags,coats along with other stuff and climbed over the fence as quick as a bunny. My sister lagi best she was too kancheong till she doesn't know what to do next, so she just stood rooted at the side of the railway. The staff seemed pissed off, showing hand signals telling her to climb over the fence. He then shouted "NO NO NO!" while pointing to a signboard right next to us.

It says : DO NOT ENTER.


Love the Information Centre cos #1.Free Wi-fi, #2. Comfortable refuge from the cold.

#3. Charge your phones for free!

One of the main reasons what I'm here for!

The exact place where Joon Sang and Yoo Jin kissed in Winter Sonata :D

Hey big birdie!

Okay no price for guessing correctly what we did 90% of the time la...

In case you're wondering, yes you can find Halal food here.

Look Ma, we're stepping on frozen water!

Lastly we visited the frozen lake. This picture of me is my favourite out of the 200+ that we took that day.

We miss you Nami. We'll come back one day, for sure.


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