Cat Cafes in Myeongdong

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I can't find a single reason not to love Myeongdong.


So much so that I came here almost every single night when I was in Korea! This place is a shopping heaven and it has got errrthang, from yummy street food, cosmetics of 238943784 brands (for someone who doesn't wear makeup like me, I can't help but to splurge on this!) to shops selling everything Kpop(I bought a Kim Joong Kook nail-clipper and mousepad, heee) and also tons of cool cafes! The cold weather was merciless, so I had a good reason to hop into a cafe every 30 mins get a hot drink, get myself warm and camwhore unnumb my poor dry fingers...

Oh how I hate winter bleargh!!

Talking about cafes, my favourite ones has got to be their cat cafes! Meowww~

The first one that we visited was Cat Attic, also known as Godabang Cat Cafe. To get to this cafe, all you have to do is to look out for this Garfield mascot...

 photo a_zpsayyhfb5c.jpg

... and it will tell you where it is!

 photo a1_zpsmp846oif.jpgJust like the ones in Singapore, you need to remove your shoes and sanitise your hands before entering..

 photo a3_zpspc482dv9.jpg

..& you will be briefed on the dos and don'ts. Don't tease the cat with straws? lol so cute.

Entrance fee is only 8000 won (almost SGD$10) per person, inclusive of a drink. Best part is you can stay for as long as you wish to. Awesome pawsome for the crazy cat humans, like me!

Say hello to all these cute kitties!

 photo cat1_zpsczzs1ns2.jpg photo cat2_zpsgfh6cmgl.jpg photo a5_zpsxggz4ddp.jpg  photo a8_zpspzs2kjrc.jpg photo a7_zps25zqdrny.jpg

During snack time, the staff would walk around the room and ask everyone if they would like to put the cat food on their hand and have the cats come up to them. Of course I said yes purrlease!

 photo cat4_zpsod1ghe4l.jpg photo a4_zpsogqfkh5l.jpg photo cat3_zpskoephkdu.jpg

Why are mew so cuteeee??

 photo cat5_zpsml34wdso.jpg

Don't you feel like punching this mintak kene romos face?!

 photo cat6_zpson9rzc8j.jpg photo cat7_zpsxnsvhsys.jpg

Can I get a I mean a kiss?

We left the cafe almost three hours later and saw the same mascot sitting around the corner.

 photo b_zpstgwqnjkf.jpg

A few days later, we went to the Cat Playground, which we stumbled upon by chance.
  photo c5_zpskeid6mpv.jpg  photo c2_zps6jubiutr.jpg  photo c3_zpsa50nm7ee.jpg

It was the cats' nap time when we arrived so as you can see most of them are sleeping.

 photo c4_zpstxva1xwh.jpg
 photo cat91_zpslu5dd4i2.jpg photo c1_zps3v6ff2tg.jpg
 photo cat92_zpsahsnw0ei.jpg

Look, it's the grumpy cat!

 photo cat8_zpsbokxqlzh.jpg
 photo c9_zpskkdnnvfh.jpg

Excuse mew are you a fur carpet?

 photo c7_zpsogv2byed.jpg

Le wild dog appeared out of nowhere!

 photo c8_zpsrzqixv1b.jpg

This dog was playing with the cats so well, I can't believe it is actually not a cat. I even thought that it is a special breed of a cat which looks like a dog lol.

 photo c6_zpsigw2mmgx.jpg

The crazy cat lady and the cat who doesn't give a damn.

Will be sharing about another place that I love in Korea - Nami Island! Stay tuned.


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