Puka Beach

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last post on my Boracay trip! Headed down to Puka Beach on our second last day in Boracay.

 photo a_zps358bae6b.jpg

While waiting for the the shuttle bus to arrive, we dipped into the infinity pool.

 photo a5_zps00d5b30a.jpg  photo a4_zps70cf847b.jpg  photo a7_zps6ff798f8.jpg
 photo a6_zpsd6d7b0ae.jpg

"Eh do the 'follow me to' pose but halal version" - Hariz. -_-

 photo b4_zps781d12ff.jpg  photo b2_zpsaf65a1f7.jpg  photo b1_zps88d03c40.jpg photo b_zps3d54a668.jpg

& here we are. We love how quiet and not crowded this place is, in fact it is so empty it almost feels like we're the only people on that beach.

 photo b6_zpsad06dae7.jpg  photo b3_zps56a82d01.jpg  photo b8_zps003ccee8.jpg
 photo b7_zpse3e6a461.jpg

& how can we not love the waters toooo. Waves were too strong though so can't swim, too bad.

 photo b9_zps31a8d01f.jpg  photo c_zps6d88bb76.jpg
 photo c2_zps7c150c61.jpg photo c3_zps427cc554.jpg

We had a very simple lunch by the beach, which costs us a pretty penny, but I guess having it with my BFFs on a lovely beach makes it all worth it :)


So yup that's pretty much all about my trip to Boracay. Looking back at how tanned I was in all the pictures during my stay here makes me never want to go for a beach vacay ever again. But oh well, we'll see how it goes. Counting down to my next holiday!

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