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Sunday, February 15, 2015

My sister and I thought that our trip to Korea would totally be incomplete without us trying out their traditional hanbok, but being the budget barbie us we also don't want to spend so much on that. So when I found out about a place with offers the hanbok experience for a grand fee of nothing at all...

..of cos we just HAVE TO get there!

Getting to Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center

 photo a_zpsbfedb677.jpg

Exit 6 from Myeongdong Station. Turn left.

 photo a1_zpsaa3dd6cb.jpg

Keep on walking till you see Forever 21 on your right. M Plaza is right next to it.

 photo a2_zpsfaef2734.jpg

Go up to the 5th level.

 photo a4_zps946f8411.jpg

& there you have it!

You need to book a timing and this can only be done by walk-in. Bookings through the phone is not allowed plus you can only book a slot for that day. Since it's free, here's the catch: You only get to put on the hanbok for 15 minutes. But if you feel like you need more time you can book two consecutive slots, like what we did :p

We had like an hour before our slot so we walked around the streets of Myeongdong..

 photo a5_zpsdb084f00.jpg  photo a7_zpscbce451d.jpg 

.. & walked into this shop full of purikura~

 photo a8_zps76ae00f7.jpg

Mad expensive but worth it! Us being super fake with our huge eyes, sharp nose, sharp chins and all lol


Back at Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center.

 photo b_zps5b58cd4a.jpg photo b1_zps4d605323.jpg

As you can see at the back, the hanbok(s) are separated into the men and women section...

 photo b3_zpsa662b18f.jpg

...and the person in charge will select your hanbok according to your size.

 photo a9_zps82569bf0.jpg  photo b2_zps2990653d.jpg

You'll also get some matching accessories like bags or cute headbands like this!

Some of my favourite shots.

 photo c_zps966257d4.jpg  photo c1_zps970560c9.jpg  photo c5_zps2db87cf6.jpg photo c6_zps0bbed6d6.jpg 

Sharing more about Myeongdong, aka my favourite place in Seoul soon!


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