N Seoul Tower

Friday, January 2, 2015

The N Seoul Tower has always been in my to-visit list. So excited to finally be able to set foot here!


How to get to N Seoul Tower (by cable car)

 photo a_zps95606a5d.jpg

Get off at Myeongdong Station, exit 3.

 photo a1_zps28bac692.jpg

On your left, you will see the Pacific Hotel. There's a small road next to it. Walk straight.

 photo a3_zpsc5aa332b.jpg

Keep on walking until you see this store with a flight of stairs next to it.

They sell locks and I bought two, assuming that the ones sold at Seoul Tower are much more expensive.

 photo a4_zps1155933d.jpg

Walk up the stairways.

 photo a5_zpse178195e.jpg

You will see rows of restaurants on your right and this on your left.

 photo a6_zps81f0f51b.jpg

Keep on walking and ta-da! You will see the cable car platform on your right.


 photo a7_zps67590ed8.jpg

Round trip tickets cost us 8500won (about S$10) per person.

 photo a8_zpsef2b4b30.jpg  photo b_zpse686fa03.jpg  photo a9_zps81427ca5.jpg

The view from inside the cable car. The journey took us four mins and fyi, there's no seats at all.

 photo b2_zps59a76ed1.jpg


What we're greeted with the moment we stepped out of the cable car station. 

 photo b3_zpsaea454a0.jpg photo b4_zps227b73af.jpg

Picture captured by my GoPro and trust me, no filters! So pretty, I suka :D

 photo b5_zpsef8df3a7.jpg photo b7_zpsce2d9470.jpg

Why hello there Namsan Tower!

 photo e_zpsaf72a8fe.jpg

Nae dongsaeng 

 photo b8_zpsd0601024.jpg  photo b9_zps3997e1bc.jpg
 photo c_zps09e707c3.jpg

Two reasons why I want to come here so much. #1 is to place my very own love lock!

 photo c7_zps3a900579.jpg

You can always leave your messages on the benches if you don't intend to buy the locks.

 photo c1_zps7643c354.jpg

Turns out the prices are the same as the ones I bought earlier. I bought another lock, the pink one!

 photo c3_zpsc4366176.jpg photo c2_zps6d992a69.jpg

One item off the bucket list. But I still wanna do the same thing at Pont des Arts *hints to boyfriend* lol

 photo c4_zps64c25ca5.jpg photo c5_zps7cc281fe.jpg

My name written in Hangul and the kareshi in Hiragana. I also have our names on the pink lock and some mushy messages at the back heh heh

 photo c8_zpsbfc024da.jpg

Lil sissy with her pink lock.

 photo e2_zpsb84482e7.jpg
 photo c9_zps496090f9.jpg

Next, up the Seoul Tower we went ~

 photo d1_zps9acb3cab.jpg photo d_zps054b8414.jpg

We bought the Observational Deck Combo Package B. 22000won for two (about S$26)...

 photo d2_zps0d9761f9.jpg

---and we got this! Two drinks, popcorn and nachos. Worth it right.

 photo d4_zps7b141877.jpg  photo d5_zpseb240bdb.jpg

The view from the observation deck.

So much prettier when witnessed with my own eyes of course.

& the other reason why I want to visit the Seoul Tower so much is this...

 photo d6_zpsd4c658df.jpg

Do you know that the highest post office in Korea is here in Seoul Tower? There's a shop selling postcards and you can send them to anyone from anywhere across the globe. Here's how :

 photo d7_zpsae732e7d.jpg

So of course mushy-me just have to send one for my boyfriend back in Singapore. My sister refused to entertain my antics and walked around the deck alone while I crack my head thinking of the sweetest thing to write hehe. I sent a picture of the message to boo's brother and he was excited like mad lol

 photo f_zpsf5739572.jpg

Signed, sealed, delivered and now it is in the hands of my boo :D

Till the next update.


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