Hongdae - Hello Kitty Cafe & Trick Eye Museum

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Babysis and I spent our first two nights in Hongdae. To me, unlike Myeongdong, there's not many interesting things to see and do in Hongdae. The only two places that we want to visit here is the Hello Kitty Cafe!!!(okay lah more to just me than we) and the Trick Eye Museum, that's alllllll.

Here's a map of Hongdae that might help you if you're planning to come here. I started by exiting from Hongik Univ Station, Exit 9. Click click!

 photo a_zps2f36b7d5.jpg  photo a1_zpsb53e60b2.jpg

Stumbled across this wall while finding our way to the first and much anticipated stop :

The Hello Kitty Cafe

Yar I know most people don't wanna go here because it's....Hello Kitty. But I wanna be here exactly because of that. I'm a hardcore fan, don't you know?

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Sneak peak of my workstation. Can you tell how much of a freak I am now LOL

Okay back to the story...

 photo a2_zps1f0eb87a.jpg

So here it is!!!!! Oh wait, how come it looks so dark in there hmmmm

 photo a3_zps57078655.jpg

That's because it is closed for renovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh. Heart pain OKAY?

 photo 22_zps9f6b5c3f.jpg

My sister who was so reluctant to visit the cafe. can finally breathe a sigh of relief cos she doesn't have to entertain me and my childish~~ obsession. According to her, that is. Hello I beg to differ ah!

 photo c_zps1fceff53.jpg

A shop right in front of the cafe that sells everything Hello Kitty. Yknow, I am a completely normal person but bring me to a Hello Kitty shop and you'll change your mind. My bffs can vouch for this.

 photo a5_zpsc824d73e.jpg

I'll definitely visit you someday HK cafe~~

Walked over to the next stop on the list :

Trick Eye Museum

Ticket for adult costs 15 000 won.

 photo a7_zpsf4a614c3.jpg

Some of my favourite shots out of the many!

 photo a9_zpsf42684e9.jpg  photo a8_zps73758fea.jpg  photo b8_zpsede27833.jpg  photo b3_zpsbccb7a9e.jpg  photo b2_zpsd438a623.jpg  photo b5_zpse3fa1a36.jpg  photo b1_zps0bdb9cd4.jpg  photo b7_zpsad67acbc.jpg
 photo b4_zps4f03f7fd.jpg
 photo 11_zpse68f3b14.jpg

"Okay enough, stop taking my pictures already!!" - said myself....never ever hahaha

By this time we were both famished since we have yet to eat anything at all since morning. We walked around the streets looking for a decent place to eat, and just as we're about to give up and get instant noodles for dinner instead, we chanced upon this.....

 photo c1_zpse871cf80.jpg

Istanbul Kebab

Probably the one and only Halal shop we ever saw in Hongdae.

The only thing on their menu is Chicken Kebab (4000won) & Lamb and Mix Kebab(5000won).

 photo c3_zps177a273b.jpg  photo c2_zpse11fc864.jpg

Not sure if the kebab was really good or we were simply too hungry but honestly that was THE BEST kebab I've ever had in my whole entire life :'D


Here's a simple map I've created to get to the three places I've mentioned above.
 photo HongdaeMap_zpsfc9b6927.jpg



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