Mount Luho & The (Not So) Happy Dreamland!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day Three in Boracay! 

Our bodies were aching so badly and we're SO tanned no thanks to the water activities we had the previous day. Me no like at all.

We took the ATV up the Mount Luho! 

After climbing the 3924623784 flight of stairs. Here's one of my fav couple. Too cute these two.

Love locks everywhere. Reminds me of Namsan Tower in Seoul, which I'm gna blog about next.

Admiring the amazing panoramic view of the island. You can check out the virtual tour HERE.

Next we headed down to an amusement park called Happy Dreamland. Funny cus unlike its name, there's absolutely nothing happy about the place.  In fact it is so rundown, empty, quiet and...scary? It looks like one of those deserted places you see in horror movies,one that you stumbled across by accident with a bunch of your friends then there's one psychotic serial killer waiting for the right time to kill everyone in the most sadistic way possible, one by one...........

Anw! We checked out their Trick Eye Museum. Done in less than 15 minutes lol


Kisses for Mr Spidey.

Someone's jealous hahah

The super lame sky cycle ride.

& that's the only thing we did in the park. Nothing to ride also, soooo boring -.-

Next up. The zip line!! My favourite part of the entire day.


Super(wo)man me LOL

Sky ride. Oh how I super hate that tanned skin of mine. No more beach vacay, I swearrrrrr

Group picture before we parted ways with Lysa & Ayul who left Boracay earlier than us.

Okay bye!


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