Caught on Camera

Sunday, November 30, 2014

So my kareshi bought yet another camera two days ago. Why he needs so many and what's the difference between all those mega expensive gadgets in his collection is something I couldn't fathom. All I know is it makes him happy and him making me his model to test out his new camera makes me happier heheh

Here are some of my fav shots!

I love this guy.. mucho :)


Snorkeling, Helmet Diving & Flying Fish

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Right after our cliff jumping at the Magic Island, we headed straight for our next activity - Snorkeling!

 photo a_zps370443ca.jpg

Least favourite activity for the day cos like I've mentioned a zillion times before - I can't swim for nuts.

 photo a2_zpscca882f5.jpg photo a1_zpsfef88803.jpg  photo a3_zpsff7c7d4b.jpg

So while the rest were enjoying themselves, this guy took advantage of me and had me (unwillingly) snapping his pictures away. So perasan model kan


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Into the waters I finally went! Here's Ira trying to help with with my goggles....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

..and here's her & Hariz pulling me around cos Imma super googootz. Too scared to move so much lol

 photo a6_zps024e76b8.jpg
 photo a42_zpsbf845f8d.jpg

Few out of the 224 selfies I have of him in my gopro. 224 ok!!! Why my guy friends all so vain one?

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Love this shot, so lawa right?

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 photo a4_zps114fb7a2.jpg

Group shot! So happy when it was all over!!


 photo a7_zps6d97f87e.jpg

Next up : Helmet Diving

 photo a8_zps30224fa6.jpg

Lousy quality picture taken by the staff's camera. & yes the attention seeker is back as you can see.

  photo b3_zps0390a891.jpg  photo b4_zps3cda19b0.jpg

We were each given a bread to feed the tiny fishes and then just mingle around with them.

 photo c12_zpsc2ed4b2e.jpg

Thirty minutes underwater was pretty long for us as we don't have much to do other than feeding the fishes and the view wasn't great for picture taking. While I was aimlessly walking on the sea bed I suddenly realized I wasn't supposed to do all this because I was advised to stay away from any water activities for at least three months after my Lasik surgery. Wooopps. 

 photo b6_zps2783626a.jpg  photo b_zps7b693301.jpg

The ladies..

 photo b7_zps008c9bdd.jpg
 photo b1_zpsef579b60.jpg

..& the gentlemen!

The girls got bored after some time and they started doing some silly stunts and I wanted to be just as adventurous so I did the same. Next thing I knew, my back hits the sea bed real hard, the helmet came off and I was immediately gasping for air!!! I was so sure I was going to die plus I was so scared to open up my eyes after remembering that my poor eyes aren't supposed to be exposed to sea water.

Long story short, I somehow managed to reach the surface and the first thing I did when I finally opened my eyes was to hug the guy who helped carry me so tightly, telling him I was so scared. Which I totally am ok! Was shivering and crying at the same time hahaha it sounds so funny thinking about it as I am typing this lol I am sucha klutz

 photo d_zps016c385e.jpg


Next : Flyfish Adventure.

 photo c2_zps9f9c6512.jpg

One hell of an experience!

For those who have no idea what it is all about, basically you'll be seated on this huge inflatable raft which is pulled by a speedboat. Sounds a bit like banana boat right but this crazy thing here actually fly up on air vertically while you hold on to the raft for your dear life.

Here's a video if you still don't get it :

Mad crazy or whut right! Think it's easy? Try it at least once and eat your words afterwards.


Later that day we explored Station 1, and what happens in Boracay that night, stays in Boracay :p


かれし ♥

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned.

That's what you call God's will.

& everyday, I thank God for this. For you.


MegaZip Adventure!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

 photo a0_zpsf985bd98.jpg

My Saturday was da bomb thanks to these two crazy ladies!

 photo a1_zps2d0a159d.jpg
 photo a2_zps51b307de.jpg

We took a break from our weekly cafes hunt, ditched our heels and dresses and headed down to Sentosa..

 photo a4_zps309df84e.jpg

...for this!

Megazip Adventure Park

 photo a8_zps95d6af5b.jpg

This place has a range of attractions from wall climbing (North Face), flying fox (Megazip) and also a simulated parachute jump (Parajump). There's the NorthFace for the more ambitious and adventurous ones and MegaBounce for the not so.

Getting the package is a lot more cost saving so we bought the Kangaroo (Parajump & Megazip) one. 

 photo a5_zpsbcc8c035.jpg

Getting ready.

 photo a6_zps41b2c346.jpg
 photo aa_zpsa8a09f8e.jpg

Let's jump!

 photo a7_zps4bddd669.jpg

I stood in front of the tower and couldn't help but to let out a little chuckle. "That's it? Just this?" Action mentang-mentang dah jumped off from the World's Tallest Bungee Jump tower :p

 photo b_zps036829ca.jpg
 photo a9_zpsc6b59d34.jpg
 photo b3_zpsc1b044b3.jpg

Selfie with the cheapo pair of shades I had gotten for only 10RM at Malacca the previous day. 

 photo b4_zpsba7828f2.jpg

Someone almost cried hahah how to do skydiving with me next year like this you chicken!?!

 photo b5_zps1da1e380.jpg

Next up, the Megazip.

Nothing much to shout about, the one I did at Boracay was so much better. 

 photo b6_zps66c8d42b.jpg
 photo b7_zps279b78ab.jpg

One was enjoying the ride, one screaming for her dear life & the other one was busy camwhoring.

 photo b8_zpsaef017e4.jpg

Anytime, anywhere. #selfiefreak

 photo c_zps59569cfa.jpg
 photo x_zps16d07e18.jpg
 photo xx_zps7711a960.jpg

Most of the time I wish both of them are still around in school so at least I have something to keep me sane at work but still I'm thankful that things between us are still the same. In fact, the three of us got closer after they two left. Mad love these two gila girls. :D

 photo c2_zpse0f7facb.jpg
 photo c1_zpsa1563ed6.jpg

Earlier that day I was at Siloso for this run and I must say it was an utter disappointment for most of the participants. Firstly, the weather totally dampened my mood cus everything was so cute and I had planned to take megazillion pictures of my favourite feline in this whole wide world and blog about it but I can't!! Secondly, the poor management grrr!! You can read all about it HERE.

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Okay that's all for now. Need to clean up the house cos the *cough* boyfriend is coming over. :p

Signing off with this cute picture of my two cute bunnies,

 photo c5_zpsabdcc59e.jpg