Fabulous Food Hunt : Revisited

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Two weeks before my trip to Boracay, my babygirl and I bought a super last minute ticket to Kuala Lumpur just because we feel like doing so. The things we do when we're single, young and free~

 photo a1_zps7077af2c.jpg  photo s3_zps60762b66.jpg  photo a2_zpsc8ce6e2b.jpg

Plus I'm missing the food I had during my last visit sooooo much, so I want to go back and have them all! Everything about that trip was blogged HERE

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We got on the earliest flight cos we don't wanna waste any time. Oh how I miss that pre-Boracay trip skin of mine. Now I'm fifty shades darker and I am so not liking it AT ALL :(

 photo a5_zps66adc899.jpg

The morning we reached KL was also the day the bodies of the MH17 victims arrived.

 photo s2_zps983c08b5.jpg 

Smiling-with-teeth us! Something that we're both trying to do more often now lol

Sushi King @ KLCC

 photo b1_zps7be147de.jpg  photo b2_zps91792a2a.jpg  photo b3_zps3652895d.jpg 


 photo b4_zps1955aedc.jpg 

The real reason why I came back to this place. Best udon evuhhhh! *salivating*

 photo b5_zps97e56770.jpg 

We saw this everywhere we went. :(

 photo b_zpsa355c0a1.jpg

Our second cup for the day. Thanks baby for introducing me the cotton candy flavor. Super addicted to it!

Johnny Rockets @ The Curve

 photo c3_zpsd7a9891a.jpg

The last time I went The Curve, I took the train to Kelana Jaya and then hopped on the free shuttle bus to Ikea, which is just opposite The Curve itself. This time round, I discovered that there's actually a free shuttle bus from Royale Bintang Hotel! It is a five minutes walk from Times Sq and the journey took about 45 mins. How convenient, I am soooooo going to go to The Curve more often after this. If you don't already know, The Curve is a food heaven! 

 photo b8_zps661f062d.jpg photo b7_zps9e86b7d9.jpg  photo b9_zps0904f91d.jpg  photo c2_zpsb1a07ff5.jpg

I love their huge portion and as always their awesome service and cute little dances. 

 photo s4_zps1642bdf1.jpg 

Took us almost two hours to finish up our food. #teamsloweater

 photo c4_zps13b2a653.jpg 

Something new that we discovered and decided to try out! Basically we get to choose which room we want to be in, and for the next 45 mins we have to search for clues to get out from the room. Tried to be adventurous and brave and Ms Know It All so we chose the room with the highest level of difficulty.............

 photo c5_zpsa2ab7382.jpg 

........... and we didn't manage to get out of the room in time, as expected LOL

Teppan-yaki @ Pavillion

 photo d_zpsec882b42.jpg 

Lysa brought both Hariz and I here last June and since then I can't stop craving for it!

 photo d3_zps2050a352.jpg  photo d1_zpsdbfbd143.jpg

I ate so much veggies in that one day than I ever had in the past six months LOL

 photo d6_zps68ae44d7.jpg  photo d5_zps886b2763.jpg

The staff took like forever to prepare our food, or so it feels like. Lysa and I kept going "Hurry up please!"

 photo d7_zps35cd14bd.jpg


 photo d9_zps64351c19.jpg

Papa John's @ Times Square

 photo s6_zpsdfa46c0f.jpg  photo s7_zpsfe800c9c.jpg

Papa John's again for breakfast. Yum yum!

VCR @ Bukit Bintang

 photo e_zpse55ad22b.jpg  photo e2_zps600b219a.jpg
 photo aa_zps9b9643f0.jpg

 photo s5_zps1e9065d0.jpg

We chanced upon this cafe while walking back to our hotel and we just have to give it a try. Love the place,  the food and most of all, love this girl. MWAH MWAH.

& here's a collage of the yummilicious food I stuffed myself with for the three days in KL.

 photo s8_zps2734ca59.jpg

Next makan trip is in a month's time. I CAN'T WAIT!
ps: You're reading this Fiza? :p


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