Happiest Place on The Planet II

Friday, October 17, 2014

Here's the second part of my magical wonderful day the happiest place on the Planet -Disneyland!!

Can't believe it has been ten months since my visit there and that pretty much shows how much of a procrastinator I really am lol

Continuing from where I last blogged. You can read about the first part HERE.

 photo d3_zpse822161f.jpg

Into the Mystic Manor we went ~

 photo a1_zps75b7917d.jpg
 photo a2_zpsba393e82.jpg
 photo a4_zps70522b23.jpg

So what happens in this mansion is that a cheeky little monkey opens up a special box which brings objects to life. We get to sit on a carriage and enjoy a tour around the house. I super love this ride cus of all the special effects that makes the characters so damn realistic! 

 photo c_zpsce98b8b7.jpg
 photo c1_zpsb38a9b3d.jpg

Another ride that I super love - the Grizzly Gulch.

Initially I was so reluctant cos if you must know, I absolutely hate roller-coaster rides! I begged the rest to leave me out, just like how I did at Ocean Park. I even had tears welled up in my eyes okay!! Still my sisters showed no mercy and insisted on me riding it so I had no choice. So drama-mama, I know, but that's how much fear I have for roller-coasters!! I would rather do sky-diving a hundred times over one damn roller-coaster ride.

 photo a3_zpse612965f.jpg

Blurry us before the ride.

But guess what? The ride wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be and we even went on it once more hahaha

 photo c3_zps8c99eaea.jpg photo A6_zpsaf011511.jpg
 photo a7_zpsf4ed74f6.jpg

One of the must-haves in Disneyland - their overpriced Mickey Mouse Waffles. Nom nom nom.

 photo a8_zps16cafdb8.jpg

& last but definitely not the least, the one I was looking forward to the most - FIREWORKS!

 photo d2_zps45173426.jpg

Kanchiong spider us who were already seated in front of the castle thirty mins before the show :p

 photo d_zps426bceeb.jpg
 photo d1_zps86d370ac.jpg

I have always been a huge fan of Disney ever since I was a young girl. I remember watching every single Disney Princess shows over and over again (Snow White especially, my fav!), and wishing that someday when I am older I would visit Disneyland, meet all their Princesses and witness the magnificent fireworks.

So obviously as I stood there right in front of the magical castle, I couldn't help but to feel a tad too......emotional? Just singing to every songs they played, the songs I know by heart, makes me feel so blessed and thankful that I am able to live this childhood dream of mine.

Gosh I miss Disneyland so much! Nak go again :(

 photo d5_zps9ecdf8a1.jpg

Starting in 5,4,3,2....

 photo d3_zpsd587d812.jpg
 photo d4_zps01b8b39b.jpg
 photo d8_zpsc7bce097.jpg
 photo d1_zps6fcc7e50.jpg  photo d2_zpsba176f57.jpg

Truth to be told I was actually so ecstatic (with a mix of emo,still) the entire time watching the fireworks, that I cried so badly when it was over! Actually it's not only me, all four of us cried okay! We hugged each other and Masturah went "I love you girls so much!" and I cried even more hahaha

 photo c2_zps4a8d2f0c.jpg

To quote what Masturah posted on Instagram - "didn't know this will be the last holiday for the four of us together". As we all know, life is very unpredictable and works in mysterious ways. We were four happy single ladies in this picture. Today, less than a year later, two of my beautiful sisters above met their own prince charming and within months, changed their status to engaged & are now happily counting down the day to THE day.

And as for me, I guess it's also time to make another childhood dream of mine come true.
One that I have been waiting forever for.



Cliff Jumping at Magic Island

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day Two in Boracay! You can read about my first day HERE.

 photo a_zps54d8684b.jpg

Woke up that morning to see my darling oppa preparing breakfast for all of us. The night before we did a bit of shopping at the local supermarket and surprisingly found some Halal stuff, cus if you need to know, finding Halal food here in Boracay is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack!

 photo a1_zpscd7d9ee0.jpg
 photo a3_zpsc9edd704.jpg photo a5_zps275d78d6.jpg

Slowly everyone else woke up and helped out, while I just helped to... take pictures? 

 photo a4_zps41310f17.jpg



While waiting for the shuttle bus to D'mall to arrive, I first must....... 

 photo a6_zps9acda9ac.jpg


Then we realized we just missed the damn bus so we had to wait for another hour, but we're pretty okay with it cus it means we can camwhore at the pool~

 photo a7_zps9de6bcc3.jpg
 photo a8_zps43eaaaaa.jpg
 photo a9_zpsf46fd911.jpg

One with the photo-bomber...

 photo b_zps3ecd49c8.jpg

... and one without. Sho pretty I suka!

 photo b1_zps6a4a29bc.jpg

Feeling-feeling tai-tai us lol


 photo b2_zps77c29a3a.jpg

Met Jojo at D'mall, get some stuff signed...

 photo b3_zpsdd6fd2b1.jpg

... and hopped onto the boat.

 photo b4_zpsa615e849.jpg

 Look at the clear water :o

 photo b5_zps780665e4.jpg
 photo b6_zps17e93415.jpg

Already so tanned. Sigh pie.

 photo b7_zpsc5b394f5.jpg

Here we are! Magic Island~

 photo f_zps7058b76c.jpg

There wasn't any tourists around when we arrived so we made use of the time to take pretty pictures!

 photo z_zps9e3fe669.jpg  photo z2_zpsf3ee55d8.jpg
 photo z3_zps7e21aab4.jpg

One reason why this guy is my most awesome bff is bcos he's the only person in this world who can tolerate my never ending requests to take endless pictures of me. I think it's pretty evident from this blog that I am a big time, major camwhore, no?

 photo b88_zps9b81f661.jpg
 photo c1_zps6cc85ac6.jpg
 photo b8_zpse5d0d969.jpg

hehe thanks oppa

 photo c4_zpsaf7cc028.jpg
 photo c3_zpse90c15ff.jpg
 photo c_zpsb1957cc5.jpg

The girls I love so much. So bummed that Fina couldn't join us, or else it'd be complete.

 photo c9_zps9105e304.jpg
 photo d2_zps241af96d.jpg

Solo shots.

 photo d3_zpsd444340d.jpg
 photo d1_zps45d3f1c8.jpg
 photo d_zps0577baf6.jpg

& the couples shot!

We did a few jumps and chicken-me only managed to clear the first stage - a pathetic 5m jump. Honestly, it was so much scarier as compared to the 233m Sky Jump I did at Macau Tower. For real!

 photo c5_zpsba73f0a9.jpg
 photo c6_zps797a1229.jpg

Later on, Hariz decided to turn into.............

 photo c7_zps23046917.jpg


Annoying freak kan this guy.

 photo c8_zps4c4de449.jpg

With the Korean kid who was super amazed to see this Batman, who is obviously loving all the attention.

 photo d4_zpsf125abcc.jpg

Yup this guy is definitely an attention seeker, now you know lol


 photo d5_zps55fe50b8.jpg

Mad LOVE this picture!!!!! Seriously how can anyone not love it here...

 photo d9_zpsedc62259.jpg
 photo d6_zpsaea5ee7b.jpg

... and resist NOT taking 23782826 pictures of themselves?

 photo d8_zpsc7b5a736.jpg
 photo d7_zps49336c87.jpg  photo z4_zps3fae4cfe.jpg

We know for sure we can't.

Okay that's all for today! Shall blog about the rest of the second day in the next entry!

 I nak siap go dating nao :p