Beachy, Breezy, Beautiful Boracay

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boracay is simply beautiful!

Witnessing a crystal clear water on a beautiful island has been on my bucket list since forever. Glad I finally had the chance to do so here in Philippine. I bet I will take donkey years to completely blog about this trip, so before my memory fails on me as it always does, I shall start with the first day of the trip.

 photo a0_zps8e44067b.jpg

The first out of 2487 pictures we took for the whole five days trip. Of cos 70% of em are my solo shots :p

The other two couples left a day before us so it was just me and Hariz. We booked a 7.10am flight with Tiger Airways.

 photo a1_zpsc142041d.jpg photo a2_zps25cb9961.jpg
 photo a4_zps2679085b.jpg

Almost four hours later....

 photo a5_zps192eb7b6.jpg
 photo a6_zps6bcf3ee2.jpg

Good morning Kalibo Airport.

After immigration, the first thing that comes into mind, just like when I'm in any other country, is to look for a local sim card with a data plan. My friends call me a social freak & I can't agree more.

 photo a8_zps774be738.jpg photo a7_zps56ba02b6.jpg

Unlimited data for seven days for P350 (S$10) !!

To get to Boracay, first we need to get a ride to the Caticlan Ferry Terminal which is a 1 and a half hours drive away. Initially, Hariz and I planned to book the transportation online but boy were we glad we didn't. Cos that would cost twice as much as the prices you can get on the spot here. So if you're planning to go to Boracay, don't you worry about not having your transportation booked beforehand. You can find plenty cheap ones here at the ferry terminal itself.

We got ours at P250, including our ferry tickets. The tickets we saw online would cost us P1500. *gulps*

 photo b4_zps4f5ab1a2.jpg photo b3_zps0aa92f3e.jpg

The view reminds me so much of the one I witnessed at Jogjakarta. How I miss that place so much!

 photo b5_zps868cfd8c.jpg
 photo b6_zps925a2601.jpg

Too excited to even sleep a wink throughout the one a half hour journey so we camwhored ^^

 photo b8_zps29a72fbf.jpg
 photo b7_zpse98ad0f8.jpg

On top of the ferry tickets fee, we also need to pay for both environmental and terminal fee.

 photo b9_zpscc001791.jpg

And finally, after almost a six hours journey from home.......

 photo c0_zps5a78b60f.jpg

HELLO BORACAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo b91_zpse88c5cf5.jpg

Okay don't mind my chao ta face just focus on the clear azure water!!

 photo c21_zpse3ffb0d0.jpg
 photo c1_zpsc6af8b15.jpg
 photo c2_zps01fffda4.jpg

The view is too picturesque that I JUST HAVE TO snap 3847346378 pictures at the same spot, at every possible angles lol

 photo c4_zpse9e1302c.jpg

We took sort of a tuk-tuk to our hotel where the rest are already waiting..

 photo c5_zpse7a540ef.jpg
 photo c6_zpsb3167144.jpg
 photo c8_zps4c33e737.jpg

Alta Vista de Boracay.

Too bad I didn't take more pictures of the apartment, but it's really lovely!

 photo c7_zps56dcf688.jpg

& I love their swimming pool as well. You can check this place out at 


Both Hariz and I were pretty famished no thanks to the long journey, plus, we have yet to eat anything since we left our homes at 5 in the morning. So all six of us took the free shuttle bus to D'Mall to get some food but before that, we met a guy by the name of Jojo. Apparently this guy had helped Hariz's friends while they were in Boracay so they recommended him to us.

 photo d_zpsf57248f0.jpg

Overly excited us lol

 photo d1_zpsf7c9679a.jpg
 photo d2_zps879affb5.jpg
 photo d3_zps51f9d741.jpg

One of the things that we ate on a daily basis. Too good!

 photo d4_zps387251b3.jpg

& this one too. Their mango shakes are da bomb!!

 photo d6_zps6856925e.jpg

Hi Jojo!

 photo d7_zps13fa9b79.jpg
 photo d8_zps36281104.jpg

Planning our activities for the next two days.  Really happy with the deal we got - 11 activities for only S$100 per person. Cheap or whuttttt

Jojo's sister brought us to a place called D'Talipapa, which is a must place to go if you love seafood. There is a wet market where you can get your fresh ingredients, then just bring them to any restaurants nearby and let them know how you would like them cooked.

 photo e_zps1225e5e1.jpg
 photo e2_zpsca54c5fc.jpg
 photo e5_zpsb0f2229d.jpg
 photo e3_zpse10ca432.jpg
 photo e4_zps7583d068.jpg

The stuff  here are crazily expensive so do make sure you slash at least 50% from the quoted price.

 photo e6_zps3b5daefd.jpg

Sapedek! We love this place so much that we dine in here every single day.

The rest of the nights were spent along the beach and getting souvenirs for family and friends back home. Signing off this entry with our group pic,

 photo e7_zps6b5eaa3f.jpg


I love impromptu dates!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Impromptu plans are always the best, aren't they?

Two weeks ago I was on my laptop rushing to get things done when I received a text from my babe Tina, asking whether I am free to go for a cafe hunt. Immediately I answered yes despite the piles of work that need to be completed asap. I'm bad at setting my priorities straight, I know.

 photo z_zps14a66973.jpg
 photo z21_zpsfaa10632.jpg

Everything With Fries
40 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277695

 photo z2_zps3c5abb9f.jpg

Struggling to find the right angle before posting it online #firstworldproblem

 photo z4_zpse66f5eeb.jpg
 photo z1_zps77aa5d5a.jpg

Super love the ambiance of this place and the fact that it wasn't as crowded as the nearby cafes.

 photo z3_zps8bc1d580.jpg

What we ordered. Dessert was da bomb!

 photo z5_zps7205174a.jpg

Since this babe wanted to watch the sunset so much, we thought of heading down to the beach but ....

 photo a_zps7c1934c3.jpg
 photo a3_zpse61310ae.jpg

.. we ended up here instead.

The Pinnacles @ Duxton

 photo a4_zps1cf2a77c.jpg
 photo a1_zps8a1451c0.jpg

If you don't already know, there is a skybridge on the 50th storey which is open to the public, everyday from 9 a.m to 10 p.m. You need to proceed to the self-service kiosk machine located at Block 1G to make your payment. Entrance fee is S$5 and you can pay using your Ez-link card. Don't forget to collect your receipt!

 photo a5_zpscbf06304.jpg

Take the lift up to the 50th floor & tap your Ez-Link card at this gate.

 photo b1_zps382a2744.jpg photo b2_zpsae100605.jpg

The view. Nothing much to shout about IMHO.

 photo a8_zpsb762e1da.jpg photo a9_zps3afda3da.jpg photo b_zpsdc9eff18.jpg

Okay you can probably guess by now what I did 99% of the time there, no?

 photo b3_zps9a7cf5df.jpg

 photo b6_zps37871059.jpg

#selfiefreak #sorrynotsorry

 photo c_zps7160d1ad.jpg

love love love

 photo b8_zps5aebcbcb.jpg

Failed attempt at taking a panorama shot, but I love it though!

 photo b7_zps18213261.jpg photo b9_zpsde85e431.jpg photo b4_zpsf9bab574.jpg

I really thought the $5 was totally worth it, as compared to the SkyPark at MBS, which is so overpriced and crowded and worst of all? No seats!


Since we thought it was too early to call it a day, we made a last minute reservation to...

 photo d1_zps46aacaa6.jpg

The Company of Cats
6B Mosque Street Singapore 059486

 photo d2_zps913ea34b.jpg
 photo d_zps7989e297.jpg

Watch out cats, the crazy cat lady is here!

 photo d3_zps86b17087.jpg

As you can see, you need to register & make the payment at the counter first before you can enter the room.

 photo d4_zps8997ced6.jpg
 photo d5_zpsf2742dfd.jpg

Hello you cute little thingsssss! There are eight felines in total.

 photo d6_zps1d796daa.jpg

The price & menu.

 photo d8_zps0314d115.jpg photo d7_zps1f6ef2ed.jpg

One of the staff  going through the house rules, things like don't carry the cats, no flash photography etc.

 photo e5_zps1504c49e.jpg
 photo e6_zps8b14fdd3.jpg
 photo e8_zps162a11c1.jpg

The cosy space. I love how quiet the place is ; there were only six people, including the two of us.

 photo d9_zpsfc28bce3.jpg photo d91_zpsf7a6b3f5.jpg


 photo f_zps8a6e3042.jpg photo e9_zps28836fbb.jpg

This cat is my favfurrrrrite. She stayed quietly on that cushion the entire time unlike her other friends.

 photo e3_zps2e1828f1.jpg photo e_zpse59769f5.jpg
 photo h_zps00dc87ca.jpg
 photo g9_zps4ad81c76.jpg
 photo e4_zpsf7283cca.jpg


 photo f2_zpse1bc2e6d.jpg photo f1_zps53b8594a.jpg

Reminds me so much of my darling cat Brownski. I wanna bring this one home!

 photo e1_zps6c445a34.jpg

You like what you smell?

 photo e7_zps0c7e8f65.jpg

I bought myself a cup of hot chocolate and this is what I got. So cute I don't even wanna drink it okay.

 photo g2_zps1096e65b.jpg
 photo g1_zps1b3f16bf.jpg

Kitty doesn't wanna play with me..

 photo g3_zps0e42fb50.jpg
 photo g4_zps041bd443.jpg

Apparently there's this room that the cats were all hiding in. According to the staff, they were overwhelmed with fear by the sudden number of strangers. So nice of the staff to bring them all out though!

 photo g8_zps3e6e226a.jpg
 photo g5_zps95abe0ff.jpg

Friendly feline who wants to snuggle all the time.

 photo g6_zps242c86c4.jpg photo g7_zps21ab2ff6.jpg

Meet Mags.

 photo g_zps0b056986.jpg

Those eyes!!! Can you please not?!

 photo g91_zpscc9c52cb.jpg

The crazy cat lady and the cat who doesn't gives a damn lol

 photo h3_zps1312cf2e.jpg
 photo h4_zpsd2e8aa16.jpg

If you're a crazy cat person just like me, I'd totally recommend this place. The staff are totally helpful and lovely, plus the place isn't crowded despite it being a Saturday night. Also most of the cats are so friendly! I heard there are two new cat cafes at Bugis, and I'm sure I'll be checking them out soon.

 photo h2_zps64841bfb.jpg

& this, is my favourite out of the 409 pictures we took that day. Yes that many in just one day can you believe it!? Reminder to self : Delete all pictures in my phone and all five memory cards before my beach vacation which is in exactly S E V E N days time. Can't wait, woohooo!