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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Okay I've been missing for some time, I know. Life has been hectic! Shall continue with my Pangkor trip today~

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Day two was all about water activities. & that morning we enjoyed breakfast while admiring this breathtaking view.

 photo a1_zpsb74326a3.jpg

So pretty, right?!

 photo a9_zps41d25307.jpg

Hello clear water! Ohh can't wait for my paradise vacation. Three more weeks to go!

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While waiting for our private boat to arrive...

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 photo b4_zps1106bf44.jpg

Oh hi moi bare face~

 photo b2_zpsccc20b70.jpg

My darling best friends forever.

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Pretty excited to do snorkelling cos it's my first time! Sucks thou cos it was during my no-lenses period due to my lasik surgery so I can't really see in those goggles.

 photo b9_zpsedbd2313.jpg

Okay here we go!

 photo c1_zps28477e62.jpg
 photo c3_zps7c1111ba.jpg photo c4_zps5a96525a.jpg

I wasn't pleased with our skipper, simply because he made a joke out of me which I find rude and most definitely not funny at all.!So I snapped at him & pretty much didn't enjoy the ride at all urgh.

 photo c0_zpsc1d3ddbf.jpg
 photo c_zpsf56a7d15.jpg
 photo c5_zpsd5a93af3.jpg

& because I chose to be a grumpy cat, I just sat at the back with my black face which explains why there's zero pictures of me with the wonderful scenery on this boat. 

 photo d4_zps851ce260.jpg
 photo d_zpsf4ce98c7.jpg

Okay so we're hereee! Look at the crowd :(

 photo d5_zpse04ac4d1.jpg
 photo d6_zpsad7613b8.jpg

So I had to put on the life jacket cos dear me can't swim for nuts!

 photo d1_zpsc98e2cfe.jpg
 photo d3_zps87e8a12e.jpg
 photo d2_zpsf6ca89c4.jpg

So basically my first snorkeling experience is all about following Hariz wherever he goes and unwillingly turning myself into his personal photographer. The water is not clear anyway so there's nothing much to enjoy.

 photo d8_zps3b1a0e72.jpg

Back to the island for our water activities!

 photo d7_zps15dd5b86.jpg photo d9_zpsd1cf0859.jpg

Monkey boy.

 photo e_zps202e9863.jpg
 photo e1_zps41d071ff.jpg

Happy faces before one of the craziest experience of our life I swear!! I can't remember the names of all three activities we tried but I can tell you it was wicked! Our pants kept dropping off ya know LOL

 photo e3_zps68f056d7.jpg
 photo e2_zps26f8a255.jpg

With some of the friendly locals we met.

Okay lah! Got a flight to catch early tomorrow morning so I gotta start packing! Another impromptu trip with my babygirl Lysa. When I'm back I shall start counting down the days to my paradise vacation!

Geez it does seems like I travel a lot, no? :D

Signing off with this gif of us!

 photo 2_zps5fa00fe3.gif


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