Day 1 : Pulau Pangkor

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Honestly, I've never heard about Pulau Pangkor before.

When Lysa and Hariz suggested that we have a short getaway there, I was honestly having doubts. "Is the water clear? Is it safe there?" Plus I'm not a fan of beach vacation because I can't participate much in water activities because of my glasses/contact lens.

Which now, as you know, is no longer a hoo-ha anymore! HEHEHE 

Anyway back to the story, in the end, despite the uncertainties and minor setbacks we faced, the three of us managed to book a one way ticket to Lumut, Perak. We boarded the bus from Golden Miles at midnight and boy, were we excited or whut!!

Ten hours later.....

 photo a1_zpsc69c9dd0.jpg photo a_zps146c916c.jpg

Good morning beautiful sunrise!

Mad love this pic.

 photo b5_zps4c4a6cc3.jpg

Hello Lumut!

 photo b4_zpsb0a0088f.jpg

Immediately purchased our ticket back to KL and ferry ticket to Pangkor. Since we still have ample time to waste before the ferry arrives, we roamed around Lumut to look for nice backgrounds to....

 photo b_zps1469414c.jpg

... camwhore!

Can't be more thankful that these bff of mine are just like me :p

 photo a7_zps3a28c1a8.jpg


 photo a9_zps48d79829.jpg
 photo a8_zps60bd61b1.jpg
 photo b2_zps5582fafd.jpg

My babygirl Lysa.

 photo b3_zpsdffcff29.jpg photo b1_zps67f10f7b.jpg

Wishing the other two were here with us as well but it's okay! Cos the 5 of us just booked our flights to......




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Okay shall not disclose the destination for now hehe. (Nope, not Danang, Vietnam as planned!) September come quick I can't wait for you!!!


Okay back to the story.

 photo b9_zpsad75bdf7.jpg

Two very cranky people, just like the person taking this picture. Why so serious!?

 photo b7_zpse49e5df4.jpg
 photo b6_zps2cfa39ea.jpg

Here's why. Just look at the crazy crowd!

 photo c_zps65370032.jpg

Of course it would be too cray cray to join the queue so here's their muke-tak-bersalah pretending to talk about the GoPro when actually they're slowly menyelit from the side and cutting the queue lol

 photo c1_zps992d850f.jpg photo c3_zps01756359.jpg
 photo c5_zps3257bdc8.jpg

What else can I do on the ferry other than snapping 2732867 pictures of myself, right?

 photo c6_zps86762739.jpg

One with Lysa.

 photo c4_zps69d1d191.jpg

& another one. Love this girl so much!

 photo c7_zps2a5b45a1.jpg


 photo e1_zpsa79e3e55.jpg

Rented two bikes for our three days in Pangkor for only S$60.

Checked into our hotel room and straight away explored the island. First place, Dutch Port!

 photo d6_zpsab2a0698.jpg
 photo d2_zps24565b26.jpg

There's no other guy that's more feeling-feeling model than this guy -.-

 photo d3_zpseff8de7b.jpg  photo d4_zps8aa7d01d.jpg

Behind the scenes. Macam berok lol

 photo d5_zps78b6d3e4.jpg

 photo d7_zpsf1b3beb4.jpg


 photo e3_zps097795ea.jpg photo e2_zps36a618c4.jpg

The best fried bananas and keropok lekor we've ever had!! Not forgetting the coconut drink that we never fail to get for ourselves every single day there.

 photo d8_zps9d19ee92.jpg


 photo f6_zpsd5aa9ea5.jpg

The two riders...

 photo f7_zpsfbc7cef8.jpg

.. and the macam paham one LOL

 photo g1_zpsac872657.jpg photo g_zpsda0262b1.jpg

We had dinner at one of the warung stalls next to the beach. As always I was skeptical about eating at such places, as you know OCD cum fussy eater me is forever concerned about food and place cleanliness. We ate there anyway since there's no other choices plus I didn't want to be such a brat, and it turns out the food wasn't that bad after all (plus I didn't get any diarrhea heh heh so it was good). In fact it was the best fried maggie I've ever had! The owners of the stall are such nice and friendly folks, and we guess the reason why our food tasted so heavenly is because it was made with so much love :)

 photo e4_zps150c3b0d.jpg

We spotted a few more gorgeous backdrops so I'll just let the pictures do the talking here :D

 photo e7_zps29df9065.jpg photo e5_zps1204777b.jpg photo e8_zps19edba42.jpg
 photo f_zpsed8246e0.jpg photo f1_zpsbcf89618.jpg
 photo f4_zps14deed7d.jpg

We spent the whole night at the night market in Teluk Nipah beach before heading back to the hotel to recharge ourselves for the next busy day. Day two - water activities day!


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