LASIK - The best thing I've ever done

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pardon for the lack of updates!

June holiday is coming to an end (BOOHOO!) and I just realised that I haven't spend a single day resting at home except for the past two days. Plus I can't do anything else other than just rot on bed because my 'new' set of eyes just wanna shut the whole day, and it feels so dry after every ten minutes of staring at the laptop.

Okay I know I made it sound as if I just had a corneal transplant or something lol. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'd know that I just had a Lasik surgery done!

 photo a_zps868416b5.jpg

Last picture of nerdy me in glasses. Goodbye forever old friend!


I am one of those unfortunate souls whose life depend a hundred percent on glasses. My eye power is really high, 650 each, excluding Astigmatism, so basically sans the glasses or contact lens I am a blind rat.

I've been flirting with the idea of Lasik for so damn long, probably ever since I first heard about it. It has been my ultimate dream to wake up every morning and be able to see the time on the wall clock. I want to enjoy water activities without having to worry about my glasses floating away.

I just want my perfect vision back. But sadly I was too poor back then.

To cut the story short, one day my Mummy told me about this well-known motivator in Malaysia who is also a consultant eye surgeon. I immediately searched her up on Google, found tons of great reviews about her, booked an appointment and one month later, here I am in Prince Court Medical Centre, KL.

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Prior to this assessment day, I was told not to put on my contact lens for a week, which means I had to wear my nerdy specs out. I hated it so much.

Anyway, I had to go for seventeen different tests which took me four bloody hours. I was there all alone, shagged (was from Perak with my best friends just two days ago), hungry and most of all, nervous. But deep inside I know this is something that's going to be so worth my time and money.

Day of Surgery - 11 June 2014

The doctors informed me that the size of my dilated pupil is larger than an average human's and because of that, they had to insert more multiple eye drops. I ended up entering the operation theaters two hours later than the scheduled time. *grumpy*

Also, my darling iPhone decided to give me problems on that day so I had to depend on sis' lousy  phone to help capture all these pictures.

 photo a1_zps3b4dd080.jpg

No wearing of facial products, makeup, deodorant and even perfume is allowed on the day of surgery.

 photo a3_zps6d64b4bc.jpg

Okay that's THE moment!

 photo a42_zpsf055ed3c.jpg
 photo a9_zps144390ce.jpg

Saying goodbye forever to my glasses before more drops were inserted into my eyes. No matter how much I despise you my dear glasses, I am always thankful for all the times you helped me see the world. Goodbye forever and I will not miss you!

 photo a4_zpscb6e423c.jpg
 photo a5_zps51ee0b8f.jpg

For the first machine I was placed under, basically all I have to do is to stare at a green light for thirty seconds and I wasn't supposed to move during the last ten seconds.

But me being me, I just cannot do that! I was fidgeting around and I find it so hard to stare at the green lights like I was instructed to, especially when my eyes got watery and the light sort of got blurred and slowly vanished, but... Thank God Prof was being totally patient with me. She was totally calm, all I can hear is her continuously prayers and other positive stuff, and that made me calm as well.

 photo a8_zps6a022218.jpg

Once the suction is complete, I was swiveled to another machine where my my corneas are cut and reshaped.

 photo a6_zps74d58106.jpg
 photo a7_zpsac0507ec.jpg

Look at that bloody red eye of mine!!

This time round, again I failed to keep my eyes still and I can sense that Prof was slightly annoyed lol

Less than 20 minutes later.......

 photo b_zps4d61c950.jpg

I look like a freak but hey, perfect eyesight me!!!

My heart was jumping for so much joy and so was I, literally as I stepped out of the operating theater.

 photo b1_zps6f26d76c.jpg

This woman I love so much...I really can't thank her enough for everything! Thank you Mummy for encouraging me to go for this surgery, for coming down to KL just to be there for me. Love you!

 photo b2_zps4dba7ba2.jpg

With Aunt Rose, a friend of my parents, who was just as eager as my Mum to see Prof Muhaya.

 photo b3_zps9b41ae7d.jpg

And here she is. The famous Prof Muhaya. The reason I want to have my Lasik done in KL. Thank you so much Prof for your endless prayers for me and for giving me the second chance to have this perfect vision once more. A chance I promise not to put to waste. Also a massive thank you to your awesome team and the staff of PCMC. I love their tip-top service!

 photo b5_zpsf0ba691c.jpg

So today is Day 13 after my surgery and right now, my left eye's vision is totally perfect, but my right eye is still not really stable, yet. The nurses told me it is normal, especially since the size of my pupil dilation is bigger than average. My dear brain is still trying to adjust to this new vision. At times when I reach home late at night, I'd automatically go to the toilet and attempt to "remove" my contact lens. & some mornings I wake up in a panic state, thinking that I slept with my lens on LOL

I've been receiving a lot of messages on Facebook from friends regarding my Lasik experience, asking about the price, was it painful and stuff like that. So if you are reading this and you also have any questions about Lasik, do drop me an email! I'll be more than happy to share my humble experience in detail and answer anything you want to know about it.

Can't wait for my eyes to fully recover so that I can enjoy my next beach vacation in September!


Goa Pindul

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alright I know I said in the previous post that I am gonna blog about the second part of Disneyland, but then I realized I have more videos than pictures for it so I shall take my time to edit them all before sharing about my magical night experience in the most magical place on the planet.

Shall blog about the first part of my last day in Jogja today!

 photo b_zpsf23a26cc.jpg

One of the locals I talked to recommended me this place, Goa Pindul, which I've never heard of. Despite its long journey from where I stayed (three damn hours yaw!) and the high possibility that I might miss my flight home, I decided to give it a try anyway. YOLO~

 photo a1_zps11a13ce9.jpg
 photo a_zpsbe15e160.jpg

I was the first and only visitor that morning so my driver Pak Man was a bit concerned about my safety since I was about to enter the pitch black cave with just the tour guide. I told him I was totally fine with it but he was asking me "are you sure Neng?" like a hundred times. I got so pissed off, so I told him he can come along if he wants to.

Plus, the package that I signed up for was super dirt cheap. Only S$3 so I didn't mind paying for him as well.

 photo b1_zpsd4c9a3ed.jpg
 photo b4_zps28a56bef.jpg
 photo e44_zpsbf61f5b0.jpg
 photo c2_zps8e1bef88.jpg
 photo b5_zps19433e57.jpg

The guide went through some of the things we're not supposed to do inside the cave and after reciting some prayers, we're ready to go!

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you can tell that this picture below is a very rare one...

 photo c_zps739e3835.jpg

... cos I'm smiling with my teeth LOL

 photo b8_zps75516324.jpg
 photo b9_zpsdb0f9c81.jpg

Ridiculously long and huge pants I bought for less than S$5 the day before just for this activity.

Anyway the moment we entered the cave I was so uncomfortable because it was too quiet and dark, and as you probably would have known by now, I am very afraid of the dark.

 photo a4_zpsa7b6fb87.jpg

I was completely devastated when I looked back at all the photos & all that's visible in most of them is my huge bright nose.

You see lah! Sigh~

 photo f_zps30ed36d2.jpg
 photo f1_zps7e1a8b1c.jpg

Some of the interesting formation of the cave that I got to see. I absolutely love the ones that were hanging down from the ceiling, looks like dripping water that's already frozen. Mystifyingly beautiful.

 photo a7_zpse949a9b7.jpg
 photo a8_zps9cf58b61.jpg

Chao ta me struggling to get inside the water. I was holding on to my tour guide's hand all the time cos if you need to know, I am terribly terrified of the water (yes I am afraid of so~ many things lol) But to think of it, I should probably be more afraid of going inside a dark cave with two men who are absolute strangers to me. As I am typing this, I am starting to question myself - what the hell was I thinking back then?!

 photo a6_zpsdd364e0a.jpg
 photo a5_zpsb6c58be9.jpg

Pak Man diving into the water.

I wanted to do so too but the thought of having no extra clothes/scarf stopped me, boohoo.

 photo a3_zps2a79edd3.jpg

Adjusted the brightness until my eyes go crazy!! But I love this picture so much!

 photo d_zps97956c7c.jpg

I was trembling with fear (of heights!) when I took this picture, which explains why it's so blur.

Fast forward to the part when I'm out of the cave...

 photo e1_zpsd064f877.jpg

Totally didn't realize I've been in that cave for two hours. Time flies too fast when you're having so much fun~

 photo e3_zps5e6eeb05.jpg

Out safe and alive!


Okay signing off this post with a video of my entire solo trip in Jogja...

Right now I am counting down to my next vacation. Ahhh shouldn't life be this way all the time? Just travel and blog about it and travel somemore! Oh wells, two more days, I can't wait!