Happy Birthday Oppa!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My darling oppa turned twenty three last Sunday, so as always it is a must to for us to celebrate. It feels  like it was only few months back that we threw a surprise at Movenpick for him as well as the Running Man mission surprise, both blogged HERE and HERE. A lot of things have changed since then but I thank God things between the five of us still remain the same. 

 photo a1_zps36195537.jpg photo a_zps896078e7.jpg

Inside Lysa's room after preparing everything we need for the surprise. 

 photo a3_zpsedf089b7.jpg photo a33_zps0a206321.jpg
 photo a31_zps0c8cbda0.jpg

Setting up the candles outside Hariz's house. 

I loveeee the cake so much! Decorated with so much love by yours truly. 

 photo f9_zps0d6d69e5.jpg photo f92_zpsc224dd46.jpg

Got it done at The Icing Room.

Had my girls' names decorated on the sides of the cake.& obviously those face icings represent us. Cute hor!

 photo a36_zps48cadcc6.jpg


 photo a35_zps6ff5861e.jpg

Birthday boy busuk belum mandi!

 photo a41_zps7984b16f.jpg

Still dazed and confused till he doesn't even know how to smile for the camera lol

 photo a4_zps327904b2.jpg

Us sans Fina who was on her way back from work. 

 photo a6_zps907f2d6f.jpg photo a7_zpsc9495235.jpg

Off we left for the next surprise, but first! Bully the birthday boy by blindfolding him nyiahaha~

 photo a9_zps0aa38b66.jpg

He showed me how sweaty his palms were after snapping this shot. Poor boy was sooooo nervous LOL

 photo c1_zps8be938ea.jpg photo c_zps54a8dafd.jpg

 photo c2_zpsea6ab6d1.jpg

Him : "Can you please tell me where we are now? Are we in a park? I hear people walking next to me! Are they looking at me? Eh are we by the roadside? Why are there so many Pinoys?!"

 photo c3_zpsac4af415.jpg

Me : "Shut up! You're so noisy lah I'm gonna leave you by yourself. Bye!"

 photo c4_zpsead9fd38.jpg

Him (thinking he's all alone) : "SIGH what have I done wrong to deserve this..."


 photo c5_zps48398dee.jpg

Sorry for bullying you oppa, but you do know that we're doing this cos we love you so much, right?

 photo c6_zpsb2d17eef.jpg photo c7_zps04b1dd62.jpg

We were too busy looking for the perfect spot for out picnic that we totally forgot all about the birthday boy LOL. Poor guy was frantically looking for us when he couldn't hear our voices.

 photo c8_zpscee6021c.jpg photo c9_zps6741133f.jpg

Okay, surprise part two!

 photo d1_zps86ec81a1.jpg

One pic with us girls...

 photo d2_zps32b04ff5.jpg

... and one with em guys.

 photo d4_zps8bdc5031.jpg photo d7_zpsa38f8db9.jpg

Love love love my beautiful babes!

 photo e_zpsa01f48de.jpg

Thanks for photobomb-ing -_-

 photo d6_zps5b899450.jpg

Happy birthday you freak! Can't believe I've known you since I was seven. That's more than half my life!

 photo e4_zps1314c658.jpg photo e3_zps16135283.jpg photo e1_zps4a678ee9.jpg

We spent the rest of the time just talking about anything under the sun & played countless rounds of Charades that made me almost throw up cos I laughed too much lol


 photo f1_zps8c03f3d2.jpg

Hope you love this simple surprise we had for you oppa. It's nothing extraordinary and fancy, but I must say that it's one of the best days I've ever spent with you and the rest. Thank you for being an awesome friend, someone whom I can always depend on no matter what. Thanks for your all your relationship advice and help in making me look through things in different perspectives.

Most importantly, thank you for being you.

 photo f_zpscc902f4c.jpg

Looking forward to grow old till we have wrinkles tattooed on our foreheads, together.


Signing off this entry with this picture.....

Exactly ten years after.Thank you to my Bffs for befriending me back then when I had a face only a mother could love.

I love you all so much :)


Jogja, Borubudur and Me

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This date exactly one month ago, I was in Yogyakarta! How fast time flies! :(

 photo a1_zps16e7fb67.jpg

Anxiously waiting for my flight. Sometimes it's pretty hard to believe I was that bold to travel by myself, esp since I still have problems sleeping in my own room alone with the lights off till this day.

 photo a2_zpscc5a7dcd.jpg photo a3_zps10ca9fc4.jpg

As always, opted for a window seat. Look at the immensely blue skies!!!

 photo a21_zps9b5f2abd.jpg

It was my first time flying with Air Asia and thank God it isn't as bad as I had expected. & it was so empty!

 photo a6_zps937fba12.jpg photo a4_zps87bd2ddc.jpg
 photo a6_zps937fba12.jpg

Why hello Jogja!!

 photo a7_zpsb3ce7b4d.jpg photo a9_zps86171f54.jpg

I randomly bought a gopro Hero3+ Black Edition a few days before my trip and I must say I didn't regret it at all! Much better pictures and videos quality as compared to my current white edition. Also bought another monopod simply because it's pink lol

 photo b1_zpsed910094.jpg

My personal driver, Atok, was waiting for me at the arrival area with this sign. Such a friendly guy he is, and best of all he speaks English! So I don't have to fake an Indonesian accent while talking all the time LOL. If you're looking for a driver in Jogja, you can drop him an email at abhisekatour@gmail.com.

He brought me over to this famous place (which I will not disclose here) for lunch and I died a little bit inside. If you don't already know, I am one hell of a picky eater, and I detest eating at a warung stall!!! & what makes it more miserable is that there's so many flies around us and I don't understand 90% of the stuff in the menu so I just bought fried rice, which took me an hour to finish. In the end I got it packed so that I can have it for dinner as well :(

 photo b3_zps810c149c.jpg

The Wayang Homestay was my choice of stay for my two nights in Jogja. As mentioned HERE, I got my accommodation booked via Airbnb. This is definitely my next new favourite website, other than Agoda and all the airlines sites that are already bookmarked on my web browser. ^^

To check out the price or know more about this place, click HERE

 photo b4_zpsc4edde03.jpg photo b5_zpsbbfef9b1.jpg

A pretty decent homestay which I would totally recommend to anyone! The house and room is clean and spacious enough for me. Most importantly, there's free wi-fi! It is minutes away from the famous street of Malioboro and you can use their bicycles if you want - free of charge! Plus, the two hosts, Jack and Julia, are really nice people who gave me a really warm welcome. They took time to patiently go through the map of Jogja with me and patiently answered my queries. I bagi this place lima bintang! ^^

 photo b6_zps0c6416d4.jpg photo b7_zpscfa76b28.jpg

Roamed around Malioboro Street, which honestly, is pretty boring for me. Totally nothing to shout about. I was expecting to do a little bit of shopping but came back empty handed instead. Stumbled across a shopping mall and sat at Jco's Donuts for their yogurt cos ocd-me was too paranoid to eat anything else lol

Later that night, I got to know the ang moh who stayed in the next room and we had a nice dinner together, talking about where we're from, places we have been to and planning to go to. It's funny how a total stranger can have so many common interests as me, like favourite books, bands and so on. Also a plus point that he thought I was seventeen heheheheh I suka! I played some of our favorite songs from Youtube and next thing we know we were both singing to them. Such a perfect stranger, a prefect moment.

The next day, I woke up really early to bid farewell to to him who left for Surabaya boohoo.

 photo a_zps6870419c.jpg

While waiting for my breakfast, first let me take a selfie~

 photo a1_zpsb234ed33.jpg

My driver for the day, Pak Man, who has been waiting for me outside my bedroom since six damn a.m! Anyhoots, here's us on our way to our first destination, the famous Borubudur Temple. The journey took almost two hours and I was already planning to sleep all the way cos not only did I sleep late, I had to wake up at five freaking a.m just to get ready.

However I'm SO thankful I didn't do so. Why?

 photo a2_zps9b693453.jpg photo a11_zpsee1023ee.jpg

Cos if I had slept all the way I would have missed THIS HEAVENLY VIEW!

Mana nak dapat in Sg you tell me...

 photo a5_zps89105826.jpg photo a6_zps0993ccb9.jpg

I doubt I've ever witnessed so much greenery in my entire life! I was going "WAHHH" and "AWWWW" most of the time and Pak Man on the other hand was laughing at my antics, calling me an anak bandar -_-

 photo a4_zps3ec05624.jpg
 photo a3_zps65f13aa4.jpg

Love this pic so much! Sooooo lawa I kennot!!!!

Thanks to Pak Man who patiently waited for me in the car for thirty minutes while I took 289472346 videos and pictures of myself with this breathtaking background hehehe you da best lah Pak!

 photo a8_zps701a1799.jpg

Hello Borubudur! Entrance fee costs RP 220,000 / $24.

 photo b_zps1af99958.jpg

I was so lost for a moment there but thank God a man appeared out of nowhere & asked me if I want to get my pictures taken and printed by him for only $3 a piece. My immediate answer was YES PLEASE! of cos.

 photo b2_zps70d456a1.jpg photo b3_zpsb2cae5fe.jpg

At first I thought, hey maybe just buy a piece or two will do but in the end guess how many I bought? Twenty LOL. Twenty a4 sized pictures of me I'm still wondering what I should do with them all.

 photo b98_zpsc5697519.jpg

Kepo uncle photobombed this picture. If not it'd be perfect!

 photo b4_zps1fa3babd.jpg photo b5_zpsf84b0fb7.jpg
 photo b99_zps8047201d.jpg

I love how it seems like the place isn't crowded. So nice hor!!

 photo b7_zps1ec61bed.jpg photo b9_zpse560946e.jpg

The view from the top of Borubudur.

I told the photographer that I want to take a jump shot and he said, "Betul? Neng ngak malu?"
 photo b91_zpsca808be5.jpg

To which I replied...

"Sumpah tak!" LOL

to be continued...