Happiest place on the planet

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today I'll be blogging about Disneyland - like finally!!!

I was thinking of sharing about my solo trip to Jogjakarta first (yup, solo!!!) but then I realized my Hong Kong posts are way overdue so before I forget every single details about the trip, I must quit procrastinating already! By the way, do you know how difficult it is for me to select pictures for this entry? I took almost 400 pictures just in Disneyland itself, because I was wowed by everything I laid my eyes on.

Disneyland is simply MAGICAL.

One doesn't simply step into Disneyland and not feel happy and young again. If you do, then that's probably because you have some shitty childhood with Disney, issues with amusement parks or whatever reasons I can't possibly think of.


My cousins and I, we love it so much that we don't mind being frivolous wearing Minnie Mouse headbands all day long and buying tons of other (expensive) Disney  merchandise.

 photo a1_zpsb7f5af81.jpg

Typical tourist shot in Hong Kong.

To get to Disneyland, you can take a MTR to Sunny Bay station and then board the cutest train ever there.

 photo a0_zpsb08fdc91.jpg

What cute train am I talking about aye?

 photo a2_zpsaf9c2bea.jpg


 photo a5_zps14506a5b.jpg photo a4_zpsbc6304e0.jpg

The moment the four of us stepped into the train, the kid in us squealed in delight at everything we see. Everything! From the handrails to the windows, everything is just SO cute! Irony is, even though we're in the cutest train on Earth heading towards the happiest place on the planet, the people around us were not happy at all. At least they don't look like they were. Or maybe, it's just us being oh so over the top.

 photo a3_zps2f546895.jpg

Ready to act like we're fifteen years younger again for a day ^^

 photo a6_zpsc3aa43c1.jpg
 photo a7_zpsf584dc49.jpg
 photo a8_zpse9124974.jpg photo a9_zpsb31d4de4.jpg

We are here!!!!!!!!

 photo b1_zps5b273b13.jpg photo b0_zpsd1cc502f.jpg
 photo b2_zpsc463d3d4.jpg photo b3_zpscacaba46.jpg

Got em tickets and brochures and we're ready to go~  You can check out the prices of the tickets HERE.

 photo b5_zpsb3f2a14e.jpg

The first thing we had in mind was to eat! We didn't want to go through the same misfortune we experienced in Ocean Park where the one and only stall which sells Halal cuisine closed down before we could get anything for our rumbling tummies.

FYI, there are two restaurants in Disneyland that sell Halal-certified food. First, the Explorer's Club at Mystic Point and second, the Tahitian Terrace located at Adventureland.

 photo b9_zps9af62dba.jpg photo b8_zpse382ee9e.jpg
 photo c0_zpsd8403677.jpg photo c1_zps6aef857d.jpg photo c2_zpsb5656503.jpg

Probably a tad too expensive for just this Nasi Lemak but hey, nothing in Disneyland is cheap, you know?

Queuing up for the Jungle River Cruise.

 photo c3_zps2eeececb.jpg photo c4_zps80ae63c6.jpg

Are we cute or whuttttt?! LOL

 photo c5_zps29662ed1.jpg photo c6_zps57af6394.jpg

"Hi everyone my name is Eric but you can call me anything you like.."
"Oh we call you handsome guy can?"


 photo c7_zps38f5ddf4.jpg
 photo c91_zps6e56b9ea.jpg photo c8_zps8cf9a0ea.jpg
 photo c9_zps7fce1c45.jpg

Next we took a raft which led us to the Tarzan Island, where we learned about Tarzan and his friends, and also explored his tree house. That's all, nothing much to do here.

 photo a_zps14e97734.jpg  photo a1_zps9f70ec33.jpg  photo a3_zps0185bc43.jpg photo a2_zpsac45ea7c.jpg photo a4_zpsdff9e246.jpg

Sadly it rained cats and dogs after that. Which means the Flights of Fantasy Parade is cancelled !! :(

So we went inside the Princess souvenirs shops and did some shopping....

 photo a6_zps00d44f1a.jpg photo aa1_zpse34481a4.jpg

....and camwhoring as well lol

 photo a5_zpsb96f021d.jpg

Why didn't my parents bring me here when I was a child?! I want those cute dresses!!!! :(

The rain began to subside after about half an hour and to the Carousel we went~

 photo b_zps25846bd7.jpg photo go3_zps64180e73.jpg
 photo a8_zps788536fe.jpg  photo a9_zps66c68c80.jpg
 photo b1_zps3bcf0a6f.jpg

Where we watched a 4D Disney show. Similar to the Shrek 4D in USS, only 213618972 times better.

 photo b6_zps9c736dfe.jpg
 photo b7_zps1118269e.jpg

Waiting for my prince charming to appear lol

 photo b2_zps0197f907.jpg photo b4_zps859958f4.jpg

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters!

Basically you will  be seated in a spinning "spaceship" and you have to shoot some enemies then compare your scores at the end...

 photo b3_zps22dc16e6.jpg

...but the only thing I was interested to shoot is pictures, of myself LOL

 photo b5_zpsf21bbcea.jpg photo b9_zps633c3f58.jpg

Minnie Mouse ice creams that comes with two flavors in one stick.

 photo b8_zpsf47cf57b.jpg photo b6_zps946887ff.jpg
 photo go2_zps87c46895.jpg

I didn't realize I took so many pictures with that same ice cream, with the almost same pose.....
 photo c_zps2825b6b2.jpg photo c1_zps25524069.jpg photo c2_zpsbb4e92e6.jpg

Loveeeeeeee these chio shots of us!

Thanks to the grumpy girl who took this for us. How can one be so cranky in Disneyland, I can't understand.

 photo c3_zpsb76f1521.jpg photo c5_zpsc675ac36.jpg

The girls took the RC Racer while the coward chicken me looked after their bags (and shrieked each time the ride went up to its highest point!!!). At the same time I, well.....

 photo c4_zpsbdb99b4c.jpg

... *no caption needed* 

 photo c6_zps326b569f.jpg

Fiza and the Mystic Manor House. Took this picture seconds before we two entered the washroom.

 photo d_zps50b75c77.jpg

Anytime is a good time for selca, no matter where you are muahaha

 photo c7_zps64b4f86b.jpg photo c8_zps1f743cb8.jpg photo c9_zpsda6c8238.jpg

Spot the momok.

Anyway, less than ten minutes later we stepped out of the washroom............

 photo d3_zpse822161f.jpg

....&it was already this dark!? We were both like "dafug just happened?!" LOL

to be continued...