Ocean Park Hong Kong

Sunday, February 23, 2014

 photo OCEANPARK1_zps92661582.jpg photo OCEANPARK2_zps176207e1.jpg photo OCEANPARK3_zps7762b20e.jpg photo OCEANPARK4_zps7c77bb27.jpg photo PicMonkeyCollageblue_zps47ea5a2f.jpg photo OCEANPARK5_zps3344cb98.jpg  photo OCEANPARK7_zps3111854c.jpg  photo OCEANPARK8_zps011aa736.jpg  photo carousel_zpseeb130c3.jpg photo OCEANPARK9_zpse03a178b.jpg  photo OCEANPARK9_zpse03a178b.jpg photo OCEANPARK11_zps76435988.jpg photo OCEANPARK12_zps1c7b4374.jpg  photo OCEANPARK13_zps0ab8ea99.jpg photo OCEANPARK14_zps7f30a9f0.jpg photo OCEANPARK15_zpse0d03acf.jpgdivider dots photo: Kindermusik Dots Divider Bar Kindermusikdotsdividerbar.gif photo OCEANPARK16_zpsa7c350af.jpg  photo OCEANPARK17_zps69a123cc.jpg

For those of you who are planning to come here but you're not a fan of amusement parks or you're just as scaredy-cat as me(but hey, I'm not THAT much of a scaredy-cat. I jumped off the Macau Tower before, remember? lol), my advice to you is, please don't waste your time & money here! Just so you know, out of the many rides available in Ocean Park, I only took the carousel, kiddy roller coaster and the last one, which I totally wouldn't have if I wasn't *brutally* forced by the girls. I don't mind wasting a S$50+ just to enter Ocean Park and do absolutely nothing, but if you do, use that money for Disneyland instead!

....which I will be blogging about next! :)


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