KL Fabulous Food Hunt

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I shall save my Hong Kong trip entries for later and talk about my recent KL trip today.

Honestly, Kuala Lumpur was never in the list of my to-go places.

I've been there twice with my family, and I hated almost everything about it. The service, the traffic, the places we go to (I am not a fan of Petaling St!)and list goes on and on.

But my impromptu trip there last week was unexpectedly one of the best time of my life evuhhhh! I guess all these while I was at the wrong places with the wrong people? (lol sorry Mummy if you're reading this :p) I must really thank my babe Mas for being the awesome travel partner that she is, thank you so making my otherwise solo food-hunt trip, a great one. &for willingly living up to our #yolo motto!

Now I can say that I am in love, yup in love, with KL! How can one not, when everything, from apparels to the food glorious food, is so easy on the pocketbook, right?

 photo a0_zpsad7b1e2a.jpg

Kulcats Barrio

Lot 35, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13. Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We took a cab from Berjaya Times Square here. The entire journey took us about thirty minutes and costs us a whooping RM$50. Okay I probably made it sound more expensive than it actually is, honestly I was expecting it would be half the price. It could totally be, if it wasn't for the blur-sotong driver who got confused with the location, on purpose I assume. Thank God for Google Map!

 photo a21_zps460928db.jpg photo a81_zpsb98b99ff.jpg

Pbg faces of ours.

 photo a41_zps33425fe5.jpg photo a4_zps22939b1b.jpg photo a1_zps7456bf2d.jpg

Meow Fries! So furry pawesome!

 photo a7_zps5328a29f.jpg photo a2_zps5f270838.jpg

I don't remember the names of these drinks but the second drink is da bomb!!

 photo a6_zps79e24c29.jpg photo a5_zpsb3e438e4.jpg

Absolutely to die for - the Chocolate Pavlova!!! One of the item that was most raved about. The only downside was that the whip cream was a tad too bland, other than that, two thumbs and many many toes up!

 photo a8_zps6c74085c.jpg

Since we still have plenty of cafes to hunt for the day, we decided to share a pizza. That's when we realized everything was served in amazingly huge portions. Even though we were both famished due to the long bus ride, stuffing four slices of pizza was too much for us. Or maybe, it's just me and my small tummeh.

Great + reasonably priced food, checked.  Free wifi, checked. Friendly(& mostly handsome, hehe) staff, checked!

Kulcats is Kool!


Getting out of the area is a problem. Sure there were plenty of empty cabs but none wants to drive us to our next destination, dafug? Luck was on our side when out of the blue a bus appeared from the opposite side of the road so in the moment of desperation we dashed across the busy road and hail the bus.

 photo a_zps4bde15f5.jpg

RM 2.50 for a ride to KL Central!! So next time if you're planning to come here by public transport, take a bus from KL Central. Wished we had known earlier~


 photo a1_zpsb46eb2a9.jpg
 photo a2_zpsc6ee66da.jpg

Ben's @ Pavillion Mall

Getting here is easy peasy. Alight at either Bukit Bintang or Raja Chulan LRT & you can walk from there.

 photo a4_zps74f8a501.jpg

Quite surprisingly, we were still really full from our previous meal so we just get desserts at Ben's.

 photo a5_zps5ad3b459.jpg   photo a7_zps689c8725.jpg photo 11_zps4addcd9d.jpg
 photo a6_zps3428a77f.jpg photo a9_zps45ac687b.jpg photo a91_zps11d82736.jpg

Took me an hour to finish this up.It was soooo good!

 photo a8_zps14607a43.jpg  photo a92_zpsd42b454d.jpg

Interesting questions written on the cards placed on the table, especially this one.

"Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?" Hmmmmm

 photo b_zps9b43cb1e.jpg

Ended our night with a karaoke session.

Oh and here's my OOTD!

 photo 12_zps075daf59.jpg


 photo b3_zpsc143f578.jpg photo b1_zpsdd95c659.jpg

Johnny Rockets @ The Curve

Don't waste your money travelling all the way to The Curve by cab. Take the LRT, alight at the Kelana Jaya station, use the overhead bridge linked to the second level of the station to get over the bus stop opposite it. There is a free shuttle bus to Ikea, which is just opposite The Curve. Click HERE for more info.

 photo b6_zps3535e150.jpg photo b2_zps82aeb799.jpg

One of the things that made this place stands out than the rest is that all the staff will be dancing every thirty minutes just for you! This includes the kitchen staff and manager as well, so cute right? Best thing is, they're all doing it with a smile and you just can't help to move along. They were dancing to Psy's Gentlemen when we arrived and the lady in white at the bottom right hand corner of this pic was talking to us when suddenly the beat drops and she joined her fellow colleagues.

 photo b5_zpsa3e09a26.jpg


 photo b91_zps08209e4e.jpg
 photo c1_zps70b92750.jpg

Look at the hugeeeeeeee portion! We spend almost two hours here because slow eater-me had a hard time finishing her food, lol.

 photo f2_zps481908e4.jpg photo red_zps76d82c86.jpg

Other than singing and dancing, it is also one of their trademark to make a smiley using the ketchup.

 photo c3_zpsa223a764.jpg photo b8_zps595a6918.jpg

Check out their menu : HERE!

For the awesome staff and experience, I bagi lima bintang! :p


Wondermilk @ Publika

We took a cab from The Curve here, costs us about RM11.

 photo c4_zpsda9314a0.jpg
 photo c2_zpsd91f8ed0.jpg
 photo c3_zps076a3d2c.jpg photo c51_zpsc45a6eb2.jpg photo c93_zpsab17300c.jpg
 photo c6_zps86b606b9.jpg
 photo c7_zpsc8435191.jpg photo d4_zps9d1ee960.jpg

The social freak. That's what she called me, lol.

 photo c9_zpsd018f7e4.jpg

Such a great place to chill and enjoy your cute little cupcakes. I don't really fancy cupcakes and quite honestly I think this place is overrated. However I do love the ambiance, totally my cuppa tea.


PickNik @ Solaris Utama

From Publika, walk toward Solaris Dutamas' Ju.Ne Japanese restaurant (below The Red Beanbag), then take the escalator down a floor. PickNik will be on your immediate left.

 photo d1_zps19243a35.jpg
 photo d2_zps66cd1dfc.jpg photo d_zps4d11ce08.jpg
 photo d99_zps782bce9c.jpg

If you don't know, this restaurant is owned by one of the Malaysia's Masterchef celebrity, Chef Nik.

So handsome lor! He's really friendly and humble in real life, so if you're here don't be shy to say hello to him! I was totally over the moon when he liked that picture of mine on Instagram :p


Sushi King @ KLCC

Oh how I loveeeee Japanese food!

 photo e1_zps6c14998e.jpg
 photo e5_zps1ec86111.jpg
 photo e4_zps611c703a.jpg
 photo e_zps697c0885.jpg photo e2_zpsfd78dbb3.jpg

Best udon ever, hands down! I was so full to the brim after the meal that every step I took after that made me feel like my belly is going to explode anytime!!

 photo f_zps041b28fd.jpg

&That pretty much sums up my three days in KL! Once again, this trip wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't for this babe's company. Thank you for always waiting for me to finish up my food patiently (I hope, heh), for tolerating my nonsense and mentel-ness. Thanks for making me fall in love with KL, which I am sure to visit again some time soon. See you on our graduation day, which is in two weeks time! Can't wait!

Singing off this post with a compilation of all the good food that we've been stuffing ourselves with!

Ok someone obviously needs to start her healthy diet plans & getting back on the running tracks very SOON.



  1. omg I guess I found a blog that has everything I want! I'm a Singaporean, planning to visit KL someday. just wondering if there's any train nearby to go to Wondermilk?

    1. Hi babe!

      Well the nearest station would be Kelana Jaya, about 25mins by cab there.

      I strongly suggest you do what I did - take train to Kelana Jaya, hop on the free shuttle bus to The Curve, explore there before you take a cab to Publika. Nearer and cheaper!


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