Date with my Dongsaeng

Sunday, January 26, 2014

 photo a1_zps63cc3403.jpg
 photo a2_zps3000c26a.jpg photo a3_zps79bab2ce.jpg photo a9_zpsee6a7315.jpg
 photo a7_zps1a7c9a62.jpg
 photo a6_zpsc757a586.jpg
 photo a5_zpsa74faa5a.jpg photo a4_zpscf255eb7.jpg photo b2_zpse5400b14.jpg
 photo b_zps5d344cc1.jpg photo b1_zpseeebb9b0.jpg
 photo c13_zps1c73c84d.jpg photo c12_zps1659259d.jpg photo e6_zps04302a63.jpg photo b4_zps95dc9179.jpg photo b5_zps49c44f11.jpg photo e4_zpsd085e6de.jpg photo b8_zpsf89fa52a.jpg photo b9_zpsf9d95b09.jpg photo e8_zps6a0db96e.jpg photo e9_zpsa64d3a59.jpg
 photo c0_zps86ff1f87.jpg photo c1_zpsbe3a415f.jpg
 photo c2_zps9b87d51c.jpg photo c3_zps05a88388.jpg
 photo c4_zpsc96fef11.jpg photo c5_zpsad25ca6c.jpg
 photo c6_zps4a402096.jpg
 photo e1_zps2fc5bec2.jpg
 photo d2_zps9205fc88.jpg
 photo d5_zpse83abd02.jpg photo e111_zps46f899d6.jpg
 photo e_zps51ec6dcc.jpg

Here's a hint as to where my Babysis and I will be heading to at the end of the year! Can't wait to play with the real snow, experience the cold winter and try the variety authentic local food ^^


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