Things to see in Macau

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Right after having the time of our lives at Macau Tower, our driver brought us to ...

Senado Square

 photo a1_zps179bd0c3.jpg
 photo a2_zps5d3c8e33.jpg photo a4_zps5c687852.jpg photo a5_zps3cdda48f.jpg

We didn't plan to visit this place, so we have no idea what to expect or do here, except for taking hundreds of pictures of us down this small alley :p

 photo a_zpsfaa9908a.jpg

There's a lot of pretty & cheap souvenirs that you can get for your friends & families back home here!

Next up is my absolute favourite place in Macau! Next to Macau Tower, of course.

Ruins of St. Paul's

 photo a7_zpsafddf9aa.jpg
 photo a6_zpsc2a0087d.jpg

What else can we do, with such stunningly picturesque view?

 photo a9_zpsf8f84b95.jpg
 photo b_zps7e1f4723.jpg photo a8_zps770abdb2.jpg

Doing what we are born to do LOL. Thank you Fiza for layan-ing me, patiently taking many shots of me on the exact same spot, with my camera, go pro, polaroid and even phone, when the other two decided to give up.

 photo b2_zps6d382626.jpg

Fisherman's Wharf

 photo b3_zpsa4d6a621.jpg photo b5_zps63920dbc.jpg photo b4_zps49f2512e.jpg

Another unique place for photo-taking but too bad we didn't have time to explore this one.

 photo b6_zpsd9fb2333.jpg

The Venetian Macau Hotel

 photo b8_zpsad32d45c.jpg

View of the tower while on our way to our last destination. I really wait to jump off that tower again!!

 photo c_zps690376c3.jpg photo b9_zps1651db24.jpg photo e_zps48824269.jpg photo d8_zps343a615c.jpg

I was in awe the moment I stepped inside the hotel. Just look at those exquisite architecture & decoration!

 photo d1_zps7ed6d95b.jpg photo d_zpse90e4573.jpg  photo c1_zps932feb56.jpg photo d2_zps8222be63.jpg

Even their toilet is massive in size. Needless to say, super lovely as well.

 photo e3_zps73138fe3.jpg photo e1_zps4b5de5da.jpg photo e4_zps94a45b39.jpg photo e10_zps65d3a66f.jpg

Love how realistic the sky ceiling is! Bet it will confuse you if you are here during night time.

 photo d3_zps193da515.jpg photo d4_zps99d6397c.jpg

If you're looking for Halal restaurant here in this hotel, then this is the only one you can find.

 photo d6_zpsb4a2b535.jpg photo d7_zpse1d8c04b.jpg
 photo e5_zpse68a9496.jpg

Don't forget to drop by Lord Stow's Bakery for their famous yummy egg tarts.


That's all for Macau! Can't wait to blog about the rest of my days in Hong Kong!


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