Macau Tower : Bungee, Sky Jump and Skywalk X

Monday, December 23, 2013

Day One of Hong Kong here.

 photo a1_zps67b2d0db.jpg photo 1_zpsfdfe64aa.jpg

Morning day two! Starting the day with me, myself and a selfie.

 photo a12_zps32cbc82c.jpg

Checking out the nearest ferry terminal from our hotel. There are several ferry terminals in Hong Kong and the ones which provides ferry services to Macau are Macau Ferry Terminal, located near MTR Sheung Wan Station (Exit D) and China Ferry Terminal, MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Exit A1).

You can to get to Macau from Hong Kong by two ways -  helicopter, which is exorbitantly priced (almost SGD$1K for less than fifteen minutes?!), or the usual one, by ferry. Obviously, we chose the latter one.

 photo a2_zps84c52d97.jpg photo a3_zps08a174c8.jpg

Once again, we took the tram. To Sheung Wan we went~

 photo a8_zpsfa41c771.jpg photo a9_zpsebd7fe90.jpg

Matching pants and bag!

 photo a5_zps0cfb2969.jpg

Solo emo shots lol

 photo a6_zpsf64daad2.jpg

All set and ready for you Macau!

 photo 11_zpsa3415247.jpg

Best part of the ride? Only costs all of us HKD$10. That's less than SGD$2 okay. Where to get such cheap fares in Singapore, you tell me?


The Macau ferry terminal is located at the Shun Tak Centre.  Fyi, the ferry services timing are very frequent here, so if you just missed a ferry you actually don't have to wait for more than fifteen minutes for the next one. Also, because the ferry services end pretty late, you don't have to worry if you should buy your return tickets as well or later in Macau. For us, we decided to buy ours when we're returning back to Hong Kong, which means we have ample time to explore Macau.

 photo b_zpsac802e7d.jpg photo b21_zpsa4995e7c.jpg photo b1_zpsf4abfea6.jpg

Even the fare is so much cheaper than going to Batam from Harbour Front -.-

 photo b2_zpsee1244de.jpg
 photo a7_zpsfc19bccc.jpg
 photo 2_zps4dc62f3b.jpg

The journey took about an hour so we did nothing but sleep all the way.


Lucky for us, we met someone who offered to bring us around Macau for the price of SGD$50 per person. We thought that it was a good deal since firstly, most of the people can't speak English, and secondly, it's pretty hard to get a taxi around here. So of course, we agreed!

 photo b6_zpsb872f8b5.jpg photo b45_zpsb97cfe1f.jpg

Off to the first destination!

Can you see it???

 photo 3_zps9ca10e62.jpg

No? See it now?!

 photo 4_zps0e921ea6.jpg

Yes the Macau Tower!

Your trip to Macau is not complete without a visit to this tower - home to the World's highest bungee!

 photo b3_zpsbe2b00c8.jpg photo b5_zps9168211a.jpg


Guess what I am about to do?

 photo b8_zps0859284e.jpg
 photo 5_zpsea4555a2.jpg

Standing on the 61st storey of Macau Tower and hell yeah, jump off the tower, that's what I am going to do!

 photo b9_zps63fb1e21.jpg

After signing the waiver form (more like a death note). It really feels like I am selling my soul to the devil.

 photo c_zpsa8a57afd.jpg

Believe it or not I still wasn't feeling nervous or scared, not even a teeny weenie bit! In fact I was jumping with excitement like a little girl who just got a bag full of candies.

 photo c1_zps9b19e7e9.jpg photo c2_zpsecd16c7e.jpg

The friendly guy who helped put on my harness and all. & he calls me princess, lol 

 photo b90_zpse723cbcd.jpg

Sarah jumped before me, and people inside the observation deck could see her jump live from this screen. She did the bungee jump and as for me, I did the sky jump. What's the difference, you may ask?

Bungee jump, once you leap off from the platform, you get to experience a free fall before you slow down and rebound back up. For sky jump, it is a one way vertical drop. No free fall as you jump in a standing position.

 photo 6_zpsc1005d77.jpg

The crowd from the observation deck. Everyone was taking pictures of me and Sarah, and even cheered for us! For a moment we felt like superstars hahaha

 photo c3_zpsdf0f9d05.jpg

Time for my jump!

 photo c4_zps68ebeac4.jpg

Sky Jump in 3..2...1!!!

 I bravely pushed myself off the platform with zero hesitation!

 photo c6_zps66352b1a.jpg


 photo c5_zpsd0419af8.jpg

I swear the first few seconds seems like time just stopped. Thankfully it took me really quick to calm down and once I assured myself that I am still alive, I started to enjoy the view.The exhilaration, it was surreal!!

 photo c8_zps63dc74f0.jpg

Months ago when I told myself I am going to set foot in Macau for this jump, I was very confident that I will not back out. To be able to make that dream come true really gives me a huge sense of accomplishment!!

Can't wait to edit the videos I have from my GoPro and the one I bought! I've been watching them since I got back & I still can't sink in the fact that I, someone who is terrified of heights, has jumped off a 61-storey tower!

 photo c9_zpseca8fbeb.jpg


 photo AJ_SkyJumpCertificate_NurSakinahDteYusofcopy_zps9c3da7a6.jpg

I love the last two sentence - Officially entitled to ask the world "Do you have what it takes?"

Yeah people, do YOU have what it takes? muahahaha

 photo d_zps3c2bbe27.jpg

The two girls who were waiting for us for the next (must try!) activity - Skywalk!

 photo e_zps7ecc0210.jpg

All ready to walk around the outer rim of the tower! Sarah and I were like, "Okay, we jumped off the tower already, this one must be a piece of cake, right?"


 photo e3_zpse91e05f5.jpg


 photo ff_zpsb371837d.jpg photo e1_zps85b1da04.jpg

The walkway is only 1.8m wide and as you can see, has no handrail! I tried jumping like what they did on Running Man, and damn that felt a hundred times worst than jumping off the tower, no joke!! Honestly I'd rather jump off the tower anytime. The whole experience seems like we're going through a slow and painful death.

& it is definitely not helping when our photographer keeps on asking us to pose like this :

 photo e7_zps4f259e3d.jpg

..... and this!!

 photo e9_zps7ac77920.jpg

Sure we were smiling but you'll never understand the agony during the process of taking every single picture.

This was the first time I almost piss in my pants posing in front of a camera LOL

 photo f4_zpscc894cf7.jpg

I just have to cringe each time I see this picture. Can't stand how ridiculously stupid the photographer purposely made us look! After taking this picture, that freak actually ran while pulling my legs which scared us all to death! We sure put on a good show for the people from the observation deck,who were happily laughing and following us around while taking pictures of us acting silly.

 photo 8_zps75d9256f.jpg

The guy that caused us so much embarrassment. Of course at the same time we're thankful to him for snapping so many beautiful shots of us & making the walk so enjoyable! Okay I can only say that cos it is over now. It was definitely mind torturing during the walk.  Haha oppa, I can now truly understand what you felt!


 photo e6_zpsb3ebbc25.jpg
 photo e4_zps4e05d674.jpg

All awkward situations aside, just look at that absolutely breathtaking view!

 photo f2_zps3fc642ac.jpg photo f6_zps0b0de554.jpg

Look Ma, no hands!

 photo f5_zps63344017.jpg photo f7_zps1ec09d3f.jpg

More beautiful shots that I super love!!

 photo f_zpsdb464c24.jpg photo f1_zps07c6d889.jpg

It wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't for their company. You absolutely made everything worth every single cents! Love you girls so much!

ps: Now that I have the lifetime membership card for AJ Hackett, my new addition to my to-do-before-I-die list is to Bungee/Sky Jump from every AJ Hackett around the world. One of them is opening soon in Sentosa!

pps: Other than all these, you can also try Tower Climb.&I got my tickets online at Cheap!


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