Freaking love my BFFs

Friday, December 6, 2013

.... I really do! :D

Despite our individual commitments in our personal lives and hectic working & schooling schedules, I am so glad that we are still able to set aside time for ourselves on a regular basis. We spent the nights, most of the time till wee hours of the morning, updating on our lives, talk about our future & at the same time remind us of who we used to be. On some days when we feel adventurous, we get in the car & cross over to the causeway to explore and hunt for good food. Other days when we just want to relive the younger days, we compete with each other in silly games we create ourselves, and even though there's no prize to be won, we sure do have a rockin' good time.

Can't believe we've been so close together for nine freaking years alr! 


Anws, last weekend, the five of us had a very impromptu stay-cation at Furama Riverfront Hotel. 

 photo a1_zps0b19f888.jpg photo a2_zps26a76d87.jpg photo a4_zpsfa86a859.jpg
 photo a5_zpsf7d92f3d.jpg photo a3_zps69431794.jpg

Pretty decent room, not to mention old. Nothing to shout about unlike the ones we had at Movenpick Heritage earlier this year and M Hotel last year.

My pelik girlfriend.

 photo a8_zpsa877ae4c.jpg

...and the monkey boy friend lol

 photo a6_zps1c774800.jpg photo a7_zps7aaedb46.jpg

Off to fetch Lysa from work...

 photo b1_zps1872d6a3.jpg

... and got free Starbucks drinks each!

 photo b5_zpsb4de7d28.jpg photo b3_zpsa51ecb5d.jpg photo b4_zpsd986ae22.jpg

Yummy dinner at East Coast Park.

I love the ambiance! It was past midnight when we arrived & surprisingly. there weren't many people around.

 photo b2_zps24ff2000.jpg

 photo c2_zps56d95868.jpg  photo c_zps424bd036.jpg

Lysa getting her hair dyed, again!

Okay, signing off this entry with this cute picture of Qhas sleeping like a baby...

 photo d2_zpsb85eff8f.jpg


Can't wait for our getaways next year. Most of all, can't wait for mine -five more days babyyyyy!


Okay, got to pack now. Have a great week ya'll. I know I will :D


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