Happy birthday my babies!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

So last two weeks, my two darling siblings turned a year older, my brother is now twenty and my baby sister is now sixteen! *throws confetti!*

Being the birthday-celebration-lover, also not forgetting the awesome sister, I am, a surprise celebration is of course a must have. Initially I planned for a huge birthday party, especially when turning sweet sixteen is a huge deal (well to me at least!), but when I expressed my thoughts to my sister, she wasn't too keen about it, to my dismay. Instead, she told me she just want to spend the day with the family, that's all.

Oh well, a day with the family it is then. Your wish is my command birthday girl!


Days before the actual day, I got my parents to tell her not to have plans over the weekend because we are going to have a picnic at Sentosa.

 photo a_zpsc55e3ae0.jpg
 photo a1_zps614a5847.jpg
 photo a0_zpsafe9d0c9.jpg

Not knowing what's in store for her..

 photo a2_zps3e916e26.jpg

Picture credit : Google Image

We entered the hotel when I told her I'm 'looking for my friend.' It was not until I came out with the room cards that she realized that we're staying here for the night! 

I got a bigger suite than the one I stayed in with my Bffs some months back. Loving the space!

 photo a3_zpsfa96fc62.jpg photo a4_zpse1143c94.jpg photo a6_zps597e3c05.jpg

Some more pics of the suite.

 photo b1_zpsfc88876f.jpg

Just one out of the 3948239470 pictures we have lol


Some time later, someone came knocking on the door and I got my babysis to open it up, and......

 photo b2_zps7d7de959.jpg


 photo b8_zps6328c142.jpg photo b3_zps6fc3e9e9.jpg
 photo b6_zps63036e9a.jpg

Since my babysis mentioned that she only wants to spend her birthday with her family, I called up all her favorite cousins to join us! Truly something she didn't expect at all. Super love her reaction which too bad I didn't manage to get on camera.

 photo b_zpsa53c72d0.jpg
 photo b9_zps86adc071.jpg photo b4_zps2fd2d7c0.jpg photo c_zps33eb69ac.jpg

Very thankful to them for coming, especially my aunt who brought so much yummy food! & thank you so much for all the gifts for my darling sibs!

Doing what we do best! Gossiping & camwhoring while the aunts and uncles bitched about people on FB lol


After all those fun and laughter with my cousins, it was time for the last surprise....

 photo c2_zpsb34615d9.jpg

Halloween Horror 3 baby!

 photo c3_zpsfb6dea01.jpg photo c6_zps68802301.jpg

I've been to USS' Halloween Horror nights since their first year so I pretty much know what to expect there. One thing that is very obvious, you wouldn't like the crowd at all. It was really stuffy, especially this year as they have like an opening show right in front of the entrance & everyone just refuse to move in making it almost impossible for us to get out of the crowd.

& because this wasn't my first time here I know for sure that I mustn't waste time doing anything else but squeeze through and run to the first haunted house!

 photo c5_zps08677812.jpg photo c9_zps4c49c3aa.jpg

& lucky us, we were in the line for only twenty freaking minutes before we entered the house of horror.

 photo c7_zps50fc653f.jpg photo c8_zps99d8df5e.jpg

While waiting!

I'd give it a seven out of a perfect ten on the scare-o-meter, but a perfect ten for presentation! Amazed at the amount of attention they gave to every single detail of this haunted luxury cruiser.

 photo f91_zpsa0f54596.jpg

Group shot!

 photo d2_zps2b93098a.jpg photo g2_zps0081c9ec.jpg photo d3_zpsc1c193a9.jpg

Bloody ghosts we met on our way to the next haunted house - Song of Death.

 photo d4_zps5278055b.jpg

Guess what, we were in the line for less than an hour only! That's considered really fast okay!

 photo d5_zps3cae2b2c.jpg

Ugly bugger lol

 photo d7_zps2900cc10.jpg

That's a real human. Or is it? Hmmm.

 photo e2_zpse845bed4.jpg

Got really thirsty while in the queue for the last haunted house, so we got this bottle of coke which is also the most expensive I have ever bought so far in my life. Reminder to myself : Bring your own drink next time.

 photo e1_zps8d2dea4f.jpg

Seconds before we entered the last house, and time check : only nine thirty p.m! In other words, we finished all three haunted houses in two freaking hours!

Later on we checked the waiting time for each haunted house was already more than two hour hahaha FTL

 photo d8_zps0b47ecd7.jpg
 photo d_zpsdb367b7a.jpg

& with that we had four long hours to go around and take pictures with the scare actors.

 photo e3_zps38a24e2a.jpg photo e4_zpsf443f9a2.jpg

Brother being annoying as always.

 photo e5_zps028f0b4a.jpg

Hate this one the most............

 photo e6_zps2473c720.jpg photo e_zps00ed48d7.jpg

Pity him having to hop around all alone, must be super tiring for him!

 photo e91_zps050fb714.jpg photo e9_zpse141792b.jpg

With the most expensive mango-peach ice blended drink ever lol but really I can use that money to buy a double cheeseburger meal.

 photo e8_zps63fc24f2.jpg photo f95_zpsabaf87ba.jpg
 photo f96_zps4ad8f1e7.jpg
 photo f93_zpsc5bdf775.jpg

Took the Madagascar ride and watched 4D Shrek with sissy~`

 photo f_zpsc199a31f.jpg photo f8_zps365b5ccc.jpg photo f6_zpsa9da677a.jpg photo f5_zps1f6e8ec4.jpg photo f3_zpsb485835a.jpg photo f1_zps12a27b96.jpg
 photo a11_zpsb7a9da26.jpg

Annoying brother is annoying!

 photo f9_zps11199694.jpg
 photo g_zpsdaca61d2.jpg

We both thought that this guy is really handsome lol

 photo f90_zps8388430d.jpg


So, that pretty much sums up my very simple birthday surprise for my two babies!

My two precious siblings, my best friends by default -  the people I am always thankful for. No matter what you two choose to do with your life, I'll always be by your side and I promise to always give you the best I can as a big sister! Thank you for always brightening up my day and night, thank you for not judging me, for loving me, listening to my endless complaints & most importantly thank you for always fetching me from the void deck every time I got home late :p

 photo d31_zps2ab0c878.jpg

Kakak loves you always.


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