Running Man in Singapore!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I was never a fan of K pop. Be it their pop bands(btw how can people differentiate the members in SNSD, Shinee and so on? They all look the same, no?!), dramas/variety shows, I totally know nuts about them.

But that was before my best friends introduced me to Running Man, which I'm glad they did! It was frustrating at first when they keep talking about it, going on and on about how hilarious their every episodes are, so entertaining that it can instantly lift up anyone's mood. After much persuasion from them, I finally watched the first episode circa February this year...

& I was so hooked to it!!

Since then I can finally understand what my girls have been talking about and also join in the conversation, about how cute the Monday Couple is, how annoying the betrayer girin can be, especially when he is paired up with his touch-feel-cross-partner the big nosed hyung, who on the other hand is Jae Suk's sunflower, how childish Haha is always the kid of the group, and how they can't stand the over-confident, arrogant Kookie, which I can't understand why cos this oppa is my fav!

I bet non-Running Man fans who are reading this are probably going wadafark by now lol


Anyway, this show has definitely influenced me and my best friends big time. All those nights we spend doing random missions and running around during the wee hours of the morning, will always be my favourite memories. Though there's obviously no prize to be won for winning the missions that we came up with. & if you remember, we celebrated Hariz's birthday last May the Running Man style, which I've blogged about HERE

So can you imagine how mega excited I was when I received news that Running Man is coming to Sg!?!?Despite the hardcore saving mode I set myself in for my getaway in December, I didn't even think twice about whether I should go for it or not. & Cat 1 tickets is the only one I want to get my hands on!

Thanks to my babe Noriz who stayed overnight at the Stadium Sistic outlet for this Cat 1 tickets, which was sold out in less than five minutes, you know?! I feel like screaming with joy at my workstation when Noriz send me this picture through whatsapp, which of course I didn't. Just did a mini happy dance lol. I heard that in other outlets, even the person who was 2nd in line couldn't get the Cat 1 tickets, so I am considered lucky! :D


If you don't know, Cat 1 ticket holders are entitled to get one autograph from a random selected member from the Running Man cast! My choice is obviously my one and only, Kookie oppa lol The autograph session was held at Jurong Point by the way, and we got there four hours early!Yup

 photo a_zpsbc5968e9.jpg

Cat 1 ticket holders received a random coloured tag each which determines whose autograph they'll receive.

& I look like an over-excited freak, I know....

 photo a2_zps623e679a.jpg

With Noriz and her cousins.

 photo a3_zps99dd4d44.jpg photo a32_zps216a7844.jpg
 photo a4_zps4e88303f.jpg

While waiting for the cast to arrive. The crowd was so packed & crazy, someone even passed out.

Finally after hours of waiting and waiting, they are here wohooooo!!

 photo a5_zps51bc4ea8.jpg photo a7_zps0d78b0c9.jpg

Can you spot the Monday boyfriend!!!!

 photo IMG-20131020-WA0004_zps1a5fa04d.jpg photo a8_zps9f8757cd.jpg

Kang Gary!!

 photo UP-WXAenYYcAl_aErnSQMg6I1NFE34rKqDS4GADSbtU_zps402e3f2b.jpg

Ji Suk Jin!

 photo IMG-20131020-WA0005_zps78811109.jpg

Ha Dong Hoon!!

 photo IMG-20131020-WA0006_zps8e18b792.jpg

Song Ji Hyo our ace!

& last but definitely not the least, my darling Kookie oppa!

 photo IMG-20131020-WA0002_zpscbb70b8e.jpg


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Exactly my expression when I saw him THAT close lol


The moment the cast walked away, I turned around and saw the girls already hurriedly ran off without me -.-

 photo b0_zps41991119.jpg
 photo b_zps5f63a78f.jpg

Can't see them on stage cos I'm too short the crowd was crazyyyyyy

 photo b11_zpsd14d27f5.jpg

Bit of Gary and Kookie!

 photo b1_zps088f4b13.jpg

While discussing on what we should say to the cast when we're on stage. Very excited, you know?

 photo jihyo1_zps89e1f718.jpg
 photo jihyo_zpsa5b77987.jpg

Super cute Monday girlfriend who is as 'mong' in reality as she is on the show.

So in the end I got Gary's autograph, which I'm still happy for even though it wasn't my Kookie. Anyway did I tell you about how we girls were preparing on what to say to the cast on stage? Well guess what, the moment Gary reached out his hand and said hello to me my tongue gets tied :p  Starstruck-ed? Definitely! I wanted to ask for a hug but the security pulled me back. Boooo!

Noriz's cousin was lucky to get Kookie's autograph AND a hug. Jealous.


Fast forward to seven p.m that day at Singapore Expo for the fan meet!

 photo b2_zpsc984586b.jpg

The girls bought Running Man jackets which also comes with the name tag at the back. I didn't get one because by the time I reached there only size M is available.

 photo b3_zpsf2f1b728.jpg

& here is the stage!!

Have I mentioned that we get the best seat in the house? We're right in front of the stage seating at the second row. Don't have to watch the screen or  even squint cos we got the perfect view of everything!

The five of them kickstart the show by singing the OST from Boys over Flower, Almost Paradise. I only have my eyes fixed on the one and only...

 photo b31_zpsf82536d5.jpg
 photo b33_zps8f6a3d6a.jpg photo b32_zps0c55351f.jpg

.... of course, who else :D

 photo b5_zps1ee225e0.jpg
 photo b4_zpsc828b623.jpg

Here they are, all five of them. Annyeong!!

 photo b5_zps1ee225e0.jpg photo b6_zps8e4183fd.jpg

The host had a quick Q & A session with each of the members..

 photo b8_zpsdb1d7c82.jpg photo b9_zpsdf27c2df.jpg

.. and here's a Monday Couple moment. Suk Jin switched seats with Gary so he can sit next to Jihyo. Everyone was chanting "BHO BHO!" ( kiss, kiss) which made the Monday Girlfriend blush so much!

 photo c_zpsdfd98ea4.jpg

More Monday Couple moments during the game session with the lucky fans. This one here is during the chained charades.

 photo c1_zps80afa392.jpg

Sparta Kookie doing his thang in the next game.

 photo c2_zpse6a60806.jpg

The cast each picked out three lucky fans to join them on stage to dance. BLEARGHHH

 photo c5_zps080a3a8e.jpg
 photo c4_zps7854878c.jpg

The couple dancing to Gangnam Style.

After the games it was time for their individual performance but before that, the charming girin appeared on screen to greet his fans.

 photo c6_zps2e709ba6.jpg

First up, Impala Hyung with the song that will always remind me of him "I Swearrrrrrrr"

 photo c7_zps9553ef20.jpg
 photo c8_zps9f9d6c6c.jpg

I have to admit that I was impressed with his voice!

Then it was Gary's turn who sang his hits songs "You're the answer to a guy like me" and "Can't breakup girl, can't breakaway boy". At one time, he went down the stage & the lady in front of me dashed towards him for a hug!

 photo d1_zps13f1cd97.jpg

Jihyo sang "Turned off the TV" with him after that. Ohhh the feels!

 photo d2_zps07ebff8c.jpg

Then comes my favourite part, which is Haha's. We all know how childish he can be during the show but he really showed a side of him I've never seen during this performance. It was really energetic and everyone started getting off their seats and dance! I was also jumping around while singing along to his songs "Rosa" and "Busan Vacance"

Saving the last for the best...

 photo d4_zpsddceba05.jpg
 photo d5_zpsaf00c2e7.jpg

I was swooning over his voice, so perfect for a lullaby! Such a darling you are, teehee.

 photo d6_zps2cd5a91c.jpg
 photo d8_zps02afe852.jpg

The host had a quick chat with the cast before the finale performance.

 photo d9_zps0c721e0a.jpg

Group shot with the fans in the background.

 photo 1390512_624884884221162_1273910983_n_zpsd98fad67.jpg

Picture Credit : ONE TV ASIA


 photo e2_zps8d2e1679.jpg
 photo e1_zps9a9126ab.jpg

Look at Suk Jin lifting up Kookie's top! Later there's a few times that Kookie himself showed off his sexy abs wooohoo!

 photo e3_zpsa192603e.jpg

Halfway during the performance, Haha stepped down the stage and also lifted up a bit of his top. & Noriz's cousin sitting next to me went berserk and rushed towards him and started touching that body of his and I just have to join her! Eventually everyone get off their seat and rushed to the front of the stage, much to the security guards' displeasure but too bad they can't do anything to stop us muahaha.

 photo r1379624_624885027554481_1023497073_n_zpsc3699997.jpg

Love this pic hahaha

Picture Credit : ONE TV ASIA

 photo d_zps9eb0f461.jpg

Saranghae oppa!!!

 photo e5_zpscad70d6c.jpg photo e4_zps56f29f78.jpg photo e_zps95461f15.jpg

The finale song ended, and the cast made their way backstage. However the crowd wasn't satisfied so everyone went "ENCORE!" and guess what, they went back on stage singing Kookie's "Loveable"! It was a 'wet' performance, literally, with them spraying water at each other and us... seen in the picture here. Spot me, hehe!

 photo ALV_3565_zps138a5390.jpg

Picture Credit : ONE TV ASIA

In a nutshell, I really feel that the two hundred and fifty ticket is totally worth it! I enjoyed myself so much, screamed too much at one point I even feel like my head is gonna explode lol. Right after the show (sadly!) ended, Isma drove us to W Hotel, apparently there's where the cast are staying at, with hopes that we can meet them there. We even went down to Zouk to see if they're there hahaha.

Too bad they weren't, boohooo.

Two days later I found their itinerary together with hotel room number in my bag. No idea how it got in there but damn, wish I had found it earlier at least we know where to stalk them after the show, lol.


Anyway, so that pretty much sums up one of the best night in my life! Hope to see them again one day, maybe the next time that happens, they will be doing their official filming right here in Singapore!

Running Man hwaiting!