Hey, sushi!

Monday, September 23, 2013

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My first time here and I am now officially a sushi + udon lover! I've been to Ramen Ten but their sushi are like...meh. Anyway I was never a fan of sushi cos I've seen many articles and pictures online about the raw truth of sushi and how harmful they actually are. Plus you know how much of a fussy eater I am by now right.! But that's so yesterday, thanks to Hei Sushi now I am a sushi convert! To many more sushi dates!



Monday, September 16, 2013

So last Friday, my babe Zee & I went for a short getaway to Batam, Indonesia. It was my off day since it's Teachers' Day while she had to rush off from work, which explains why we took the ferry at night. 

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We chose to stand at the open area instead where we had our little heart to heart talk.

 photo b1_zpsda051352.jpg
 photo b_zps1905fc5e.jpg

Mandatory selca in the toilet lol

 photo c1_zpsbf42bafb.jpg photo d3_zps062c81a4.jpg photo d1_zps59438387.jpg photo c2_zpsc69de32d.jpg

I don't even understand half of the menu. As usual I was more concerned about the cleanliness of the food.

 photo d_zpsa74957bf.jpg photo c4_zps9f87b825.jpg

In the end I got myself their fried rice which was not bad I must say.

 photo d2_zpsdc20a32e.jpg

 Coincidentally babe's colleague Fira was also planning to go Batam with her BFF on the same date so in the end all four of us decided to come together. So here she is, along with her best friend of ten years, who is now in the process of converting to a Muslim.

Frankly speaking, initially when I was told that we will be going for this getaway with two strangers, I was totally not liking it at all. I only want it to be my babe and I, just us two and no one else! Even complained to Z (of all people lol) about it but hey in the end I'm glad they did tag along, cos we have so much in common! 

 photo e1_zps6faf6544.jpg photo d4_zps1efa469b.jpg
 photo e5_zps3d97b0a9.jpg

We went to the Hypermarket to do a bit of groceries plus toiletries shopping. Loving this place cos everything's damn cheap so I can't help but to grab random stuff.

Look what they sell here as well.

 photo e3_zpsf962b94b.jpg


Done with shopping, we went upstairs for one of our main agenda for this trip : Karaoke!

 photo f2_zpseeed2283.jpg photo f3_zps1cf57ae5.jpg photo f6_zpse980e299.jpg photo f8_zpsa829b5bb.jpg
 photo f7_zps06ed6025.jpg

The interior is too cute right!

 photo f91_zps66a76795.jpg photo f92_zps2a078fba.jpg

It was close to midnight when we left. As our throats were still itching for more, we took a cab down to Nagoya Hill and hunt for more karaoke lounges.

 photo f_zps33d4465b.jpg
 photo g1_zpsd4cf5cc4.jpg photo g2_zps5f2f37d3.jpg photo g3_zpsa08ed0a4.jpg photo g4_zps98777270.jpg

& we stayed here till two in the morning. We all sang an Indonesia dangdut song as the last song and all the staff joined in and danced along.

 photo g5_zps457602a8.jpg

Can you spot something wrong with these pictures? Clue : It is on the left side pic.

 photo h_zpsb2e59061.jpg

The next morning the room turned chaos when babe saw this grasshopper while she was smoking next to the opened window. Seconds after I snapped this picture, the creature started to move and out of fear that it might start to fly around the room and freak us more than we already were, babe went straight for the telephone and called the operator asking for two men to come "and rescue us from something"

Turns out the grasshopper was actually on the other side of the glass, which means if we were to close the damn window everything will be fine. In the end two men did came and eventually grabbed the innocent grasshopper with their bare hands LOL

 photo h2_zpsea16cee3.jpg photo h1_zps41cbeac4.jpg

We went to the wet market right after breakfast to look for babe's stuff. We found a shop which sells all Hello Kitty stuff - from household items to stationary, so I JUST HAVE TO stop and spend thirty minutes in the shop going round and round. In case you don't already know I am a huge Hello Kitty fan! Plus everything's so cheap, I bought five items at only S$23! Good deal!

   photo h4_zpsa1412fdb.jpg

Another main agenda for this trip : Spa!

   photo h5_zps1528423b.jpg photo h6_zpsa84ae5b3.jpg photo h7_zpsdb6abbe0.jpg photo h8_zpsefddd8d9.jpg

Love everything about this place, the staff were really friendly and efficient. Also, needless to say, it's so cheap! Less than S$40 for a three hour massage + sauna + milk bath. Say whaaaat!

 photo i1_zps404c06a6.jpg photo h9_zpsa528c736.jpg photo j_zps82dc2625.jpg

Exhausted and sleepy by then but because we only have one more day here so we just continued shopping instead of heading back to the hotel for a nap. Glad we did, cos the place is a shopping heaven!

 photo i2_zps766d2d30.jpg photo i3_zps0ab12e61.jpg photo i5_zps85861986.jpg photo i4_zpsec80ecdb.jpg photo i6_zpsaec8e18d.jpg
 photo i7_zps2ad67394.jpg
 photo j2_zps20c11323.jpg photo j1_zps6a5fea87.jpg photo j4_zps43bb4e6b.jpg photo j5_zps63e4e8c4.jpg

Hypermarket for the second time, this time round we bought our dinner!

 photo j8_zpsa4ef2356.jpg
 photo j9_zps3bccdc80.jpg photo k1_zps5c9edc3b.jpg

Then it's time for karaoke! We went back to the same place and this time we stayed till three a.m. As for me, I went into a deep slumber right after we ordered that fried rice. The three of them told me they were singing One Direction songs in my ears and I still didn't move an inch. No surprise there!

The next and also the last day!

 photo k3_zps567c8225.jpg photo k2_zps62f52da9.jpg photo k4_zpsb6605ed4.jpg

Checked out early in the morning cos the girls wanted to do something with their hair at Winsspa again.

 photo k7_zpsf3a35d96.jpg photo k8_zps543bd857.jpg photo k9_zps19a54eca.jpg

Because it was pointless for me to do anything with my hair, I literally read every single magazines available on the rack and slept throughout the 3 hours +

 photo l3_zps47bb3bc3.jpg photo l1_zps4fbff45f.jpg photo l2_zpscf88d417.jpg photo l5_zpsb0db57d0.jpg photo l4_zps6c84e6fc.jpg

The end product. Pleased with their new hair!

 photo l6_zpsd257e58e.jpg
 photo l7_zpse3e41a13.jpg photo m_zps60edaec1.jpg photo l9_zps67930a50.jpg photo l8_zps196a0756.jpg photo m1_zpsbe1b7bc4.jpg

Satisfied customers! Definitely coming back the next time we're here.

 photo m2_zps640af467.jpg
 photo m4_zps1d39662c.jpg photo m3_zps5199f773.jpg photo m5_zps7cc01d42.jpg

Yes we shopped at the Hypermarket, again!

 photo m7_zps5aba0651.jpg photo m8_zps0693fc6f.jpg photo m6_zps2e629e5c.jpg photo m9_zpsc1376171.jpg

Time to go home, boohooo :(

 photo m90_zps59117bd4.jpg
 photo n0_zps9f26b6f9.jpg

When we board the ferry, we asked some of the staff if they have any open area which unfortunately they don't, but they were kind enough to allow us access to the upper deck!

 photo n2_zpsa7988f6e.jpg photo n1_zpsdcf5224b.jpg

Babe was having doubts at first, especially when we were the only ladies there accompanied by their all-male staff....

 photo n8_zps7f4e48a7.jpg photo n6_zpsc1f4a176.jpg
 photo n7_zps3897c1ca.jpg

.... but after we chatted for a while, we actually enjoyed their company. We talked about everything, from work to family. Even added each other on Facebook after that :D

 photo n9_zps3cfb1e04.jpg photo n91_zps626d2ec2.jpg photo n5_zps93f868b6.jpg

Yes the wind was wild, as you can see.

 photo o_zps7ffeb6ae.jpg

Love this babe so much! I'm thankful that despite her new status as a wife & being so much older than me, she can still act all goofy & kiddy with me, just like how we were when we first met five years ago.

 photo o1_zps5e39b287.jpg

Angga & meeee.

 photo o3_zps0c47a234.jpg
 photo o4_zpsa7c5fc06.jpg

The young and cute captain, who was kind enough to let us stay around the bridge.

 photo o5_zps3749e148.jpg

Okay that's all! Anyhoots, today is the first day of the last term and I am already looking forward to the last day, because I am going for another getaway in December! Shall not disclose the destination for now, but here's a hint : It's a place where dreams come true.