The Wax Museum

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here is another place that I was so eager to step into - the most famous wax museum in the world! Some might wonder what's so spectacular about it, well I'd say so too if I have not stepped into Madame Tussauds World. You can touch, hug and kiss the celebrity figures, put on the props and take countless pictures with them! Never thought I'd get so giddy over wax figures, even from those I neither know nor care about!

The museum was divided into ten exhibit rooms, each with a different real-life theme.

 photo a0_zpsd143338a.jpg
 photo a1_zps7bbdb319.jpg

Princess Diana! The woman my baby sister was named after.

 photo a6_zpsc4a1f4a6.jpg photo a5_zps6c13a9da.jpg
 photo a_zps16ce9be2.jpg
 photo a4_zps5f4aad09.jpg photo a3_zps54111d09.jpg

Send this picture through Whatsapp to my mom, saying that I met this idol of hers & she totally freaked out.

 photo a7_zps6faa4812.jpg

Next we stepped into the Arts and Science zone.

   photo a9_zps7ceedfdf.jpg  photo a8_zps76d4f0b5.jpg

This man here, I used to do a lot of research on him during my O level arts but it was only on this day that I actually found out how he looks like -.- He is Pablo Picasso by the way.

 photo b0_zps66410f73.jpg photo b1_zpsf30350ad.jpg photo b2_zps51a00b8c.jpg

Sports zone next!

 photo b3_zps51bcdce1.jpg
 photo b4_zps26521697.jpg photo b5_zpsc43659bf.jpg photo b6_zpsadb5eb45.jpg photo b7_zpsf5dce71c.jpg photo b8_zps0609d84f.jpg photo b91_zps7f6ada88.jpg

Creepy freak..

 photo b_zps634ba62f.jpg

Hello genius!

And the wax fugure I was happiest to see(also the main reason for me to be here in the first place)....

 photo c_zps2d88138a.jpg
   photo c1_zps9a176c36.jpg photo c2_zps02039688.jpg


Trust me when I say that I spend almost half an hour just snapping pictures away~

 photo c4_zps2993c550.jpg photo c3_zps004e6ab3.jpg photo c5_zpsbe998cd4.jpg photo c7_zps6f09295d.jpg

The hot mama, Beyonce!

 photo c9_zpsb21f0915.jpg photo d0_zps2b824b8c.jpg photo d1_zpse1b95c10.jpg
 photo d2_zps4676524d.jpg
 photo d4_zps561a35b8.jpg photo d5_zpsf0a96c0b.jpg

Doraemon! I have tons of its comic and I still love them all now as much as I used to when I was younger.

 photo d7_zps798b8e55.jpg photo d6_zps23c90cb7.jpg photo e0_zps1c35c7d8.jpg

Bro and his idols.

 photo e1_zpse37f55cb.jpg

Guess whose tattoos?

 photo e41_zpsee0b1c0d.jpg photo e2_zps50f0b49e.jpg

The sexy lips Jolie.

 photo e_zpsbc891aab.jpg

Monster Gaga!

 photo d8_zps01943a65.jpg photo e6_zps5b156452.jpg
 photo e7_zps69554113.jpg

Marie Tussaud, owner of this famous museum.

 photo e8_zps60ba639c.jpg

Bro got his hand made into a wax souvenir before we left.

*abrupt ending*


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