Siam Ocean Park

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We woke up pretty early on our third day here in Bangkok. Finally a day not spend on shopping, so sexcited!

 photo a_zps4c4d6f19.jpg

They say never trust a person who smiles before 9am.(Not that I agree with this, plus I do smile before 9am everyday)  Hey when you're on a holiday you can wake up at 6am & smile the moment you opened your eyes, agree? Here's me smiling at 8 in the morning (Monday morning some more!) ready to start the day.

 photo a2_zps1398e315.jpg photo a1_zps778dd7a7.jpg

Somehow bro looks 100x darker here lol

 photo a4_zps270f2fa4.jpg photo a3_zpsa46e1220.jpg
 photo a5_zps651e070b.jpg photo a6_zps553037c2.jpg photo a7_zps23391da5.jpg
 photo a8_zps6b96c641.jpg

Throughout my entire four days, except for the first, everything I donned were items I bought here!

In case you have yet to see it on my Instagram, here are my shopping hauls from Platinum Mall alone. Not included in the picture are stuff I got from Chatuchak, MBK, Pratunam Market and the second round of shopping in Platinum on my fourth day.

 photo d2356824d74b11e282f822000a1fbd33_7_zps8c9ff017.jpg

The shopaholic monster in me obviously got unleashed! Silly how I thought I could resist the temptation of splurging after months of resisting myself before this trip but I was wrong, so wrong! As I am typing this, next to me lies my luggage filled with my crazy buys in it - waiting for me to get a space to keep them.

At the moment I have 108 hanged clothes in my wardrobe lol

 photo b_zps6eab1825.jpg photo a9_zpsabb14d76.jpg

First stop, the Siam Ocean World.

 photo b1_zps0bb2a420.jpg photo b2_zps0a2b231c.jpg
 photo b3_zps160090bb.jpg

Initially I wasn't too keen about this place but it received rave reviews from its visitors online so I supposed it was worth the price and time. & I'm glad I was right!

 photo b4_zps4d6c39d6.jpg photo b5_zpsd632c70d.jpg
 photo b6_zps8e42ad6a.jpg

I also bought tickets for the glass-bottom boat. We put on the life jacket, hopped onto the boat and basically went around the aquarium where the sharks were placed at. Along with some other creatures which I forgot what, I only remember the sharks! We got to get close with them, such an unforgettable experience!

 photo b7_zpsb208a59e.jpg photo b8_zps2d14c757.jpg photo b9_zps151b95f8.jpg photo b91_zpsc570b61d.jpg

I love this shot of my brother, so nice right!!

 photo c7_zps527e2557.jpg

So I asked him to take something similar for me also.

 photo c_zpsa833b464.jpg photo c1_zpsc18316ba.jpg

Super cute otters!

 photo c6_zps6fd7f6f4.jpg

Nak makan chilli crab!!

 photo c2_zpsf850d946.jpg photo c3_zpsf9a77bc0.jpg
 photo c5_zps4da7c558.jpg photo c4_zpsde2b67a8.jpg

We also watched a 4D show which was totally two thumbs up! In total we spend almost three hours there, so here's an advice if you're planning to come here : Make sure you have an empty memory card cos I bet you'll take many pictures here.


Hmm I think I shall save the next part of the post for some other day. Another place that I like a lot!

 photo P1060756_zps8002f3d6.jpg

& yes, I met Jackie Chan yawww!


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