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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Few weeks ago, my two beautiful girlfriends turned another year older, which of course calls for a celebration. Since it is the fasting month as well as the fact that they are all working at odd hours, juggling time between work and school, we couldn't do much, just a simple meet up added with a little bit of surprise.

 photo b_zps3bc6fd5c.jpg
 photo a_zpsb42e90ad.jpg
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 photo d_zps5c0d13a9.jpg

The people I love so much xoxo

 photo e_zps75f3f26b.jpg photo g_zps2fbe7919.jpg
 photo f_zps5def1991.jpg

Ever since the crazy breakout experience after the fish and chip I had at the NIE canteen few months ago, I've been trying hard to avoid eating any of it. But damn this one looks too good plus I miss having one so I took the risk :p

 photo g2_zps018db65c.jpg photo g1_zps4d1d2554.jpg

The darling husband giving each of us a fair share of the seafood platter.

 photo g4_zpsd4d12238.jpg

& it is time for a lil surprise for the two birthday girls. I must say I was totally impressed with the staff's high level of enthusiasm while singing the birthday song! At least they look sincere and genuinely happy for us, unlike the many birthday surprise experiences I had in other restaurants.

 photo g6_zpsf2818529.jpg
 photo g7_zps3c16d4bb.jpg
 photo g9_zpsfe4e24a1.jpg
 photo g5_zps8bff5254.jpg
 photo g8_zps434873a5.jpg

So pretty right my bff!

Right after that we met up with Qhas and off we went for a karaoke session at Bukit Timah with the rest of the guys.

 photo h2_zps80f5996f.jpg photo h0_zps7c6ec9c5.jpg photo h1_zpsf93923ce.jpg
 photo h_zps8af267d2.jpg photo h8_zps363fdf8c.jpg

Hours later, while Ira was on her way back home, the rest of us quickly cabbed to her place to get ready for her next surprise with her family and boyfriend.

 photo h3_zps4f95baed.jpg photo h5_zps28cf9389.jpg
 photo h7_zps00161e2a.jpg

So there we have it : Three locations, Two birthday girls. One love.

 photo h6_zps34530baa.jpg



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