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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My third day in Bangkok was, despite the exhaustion and multiple blisters on my feet, the best out of my four days there. Such a long day we had ; we woke up really early for breakfast and spend the day in Siam, which I will be blogging about some other day. For now, shall blog bout the dinner cruise we had that night!

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I don't know about my bro, but I was looking forward to this the most the entire day! I even skipped my lunch just so that I can enjoy fully this experience, a once in a lifetime one. Lucky me I save my tummy for the night, I mean just look at the food spread!

 photo a2_zpsc04f6ae5.jpg
 photo a1_zpsec0309de.jpg photo a4_zps447737c4.jpg photo a3_zps8274af5e.jpg photo a_zpsea14ad29.jpg photo a41_zps510e828b.jpg

& there's more! Didn't manage to capture them all coz kiasu me wanna be the first in line to get the food :p

 photo a8_zps00b20a4e.jpg photo c_zps4f7876e8.jpg
 photo a5_zpsd3ea5bd5.jpg

So glad we got the upper deck, cos according to reviews I saw online, if your reservation name shows you're an Asian, most probably you'd get the bottom deck. Nonsense right, but didn't want to take any risk anyway so I specifically requested to be seated on the upper deck, in capital letters and numerous exclamation marks, during my booking. Pretty sure whoever who read that thinks I'm a freak.


Of cos other than the finger licking tongue smacking food, the other thing to look forward to is the scenery.

 photo b1_zps8474af92.jpg   photo b0_zps5ef60c8e.jpg
 photo a9_zpsd56573ea.jpg photo a92_zps3d7a3490.jpg

Love the ambiance so much, really perfect for couples! Most of the time I was wishing I was with my boyfriend at that moment instead of my brother lol. And to think that this was our second "romantic" dinner in a week, in two different countries may I add.

 photo b3_zps491bdaa4.jpg

The entire two hours when we were on board, we were entertained by this lovely lady who sang songs requested by guests in many different languages! Once most of the people were done with their food, the cruise turned into a sort of private party event. The music started to pump louder and everyone was dancing and I can't help but join in!

So the next time you're in Bangkok, you know where you can have dinner at. Trust me it is worth your $$ :)


Signing off with my tired and makeup free(with a tinge of eyeliner) face,

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