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Friday, July 19, 2013

A few days after I returned from my Bali trip, I was already geared up for the next destination. The city of smiles, the shopping paradise, where else can it be other than Bangkok, Thailand!

 Again, this time round it was just my brother and me, but unlike the previous experience, this one was planned way beforehand. In fact it was the day that I received my school's master calendar that I booked my flights, meaning it was done in January. Prior to this trip, I only shopped once in the whole long and dreadful five months and no you can't imagine the agony I went through!

Well, it is not exactly the money that I need to save, it is the space...

 photo mdNWmOjaxr5QLh0aj3cioOLdYC9hPxWNjHrSJxYzAic_zps6dad6084.jpg

.. for my almost exploding wardrobe. Still have 1/4 of this on my bed waiting to be hanged + folded.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsf1a1794f.jpg

 At least mine is a lot more neat than many people I know. Even took the effort to hang everything in the order of the rainbow colour okay. Believe me when I say that your hand will definitely ache if you go through my hanged clothes from one end to the other - my sister complains bout this a lot.


 As I was saying, I booked the flight way back in Jan, so it was super duper cheap!! Tiger Airways again~

 photo a1_zpse3b21101.jpg photo 994506_10151710367962389_1262753336_n_zpsb028398b.jpg
 photo 1069283_10151710368037389_1526428493_n_zpsa9f32023.jpg
 photo 971514_10151710368277389_212298308_n_zps83e346eb.jpg

Bye Singapore!

Because I was already super kiasu snapping 2394238 pictures on the plane the week before, this time round I was a bit relaxed so the moment I sat, I immediately close my eyes and doze off....

 photo 969887_10151710369172389_1624420992_n_zpsdaef7301.jpg
 photo 1003685_10151710368727389_831621378_n_zps7917607d.jpg

..& wake up in time to see this!! SO COTTON CANDY RIGHT! It feels as though we were entering a mystical world or something lol.

 photo 1012419_10151710368802389_669615749_n_zps5b66e02f.jpg photo 971537_10151710369022389_1313171974_n_zpsb0c1aab1.jpg

Two and a half hour later...

 photo 995718_10151710369347389_1192647318_n_zpsb43d7250.jpg


 One of the things that we both agreed on is to skip all the cab rides while in BKK and take the train instead. Everyone knows about the crazy traffic in here, but that's not the main reason for this decision of ours. Other than being the cheaper, although inconvenient, alternative, we just want to explore, get lost and learn from it. Haven't you heard? Getting lost is the best way to travel! It teaches us to find ways on our own and leads us to new discoveries- of new places and at times, your own self.

Of course I am not talking about aimless wanderings. Having a direction is important, proper planning is important, maps and all. Sometimes you just need to let loose a little and check out what surprise awaits you.

 photo 970252_10151710369892389_41738243_n_zpsce980a96.jpg
 photo 942382_10151710370552389_1983684855_n_zps9af80dec.jpg photo 988234_10151710369942389_1031355323_n_zpsbb6b23df.jpg

Express train which costs us 90 Baht (S$3 ++). It took us only 18 minutes from the airport to Phaya Thai.

 photo 942399_10151710371152389_683810962_n_zps79d374c9.jpg
 photo 1016692_10151710371537389_1190155464_n_zps72270921.jpg
 photo 1002279_10151710371392389_809830608_n_zps2c343b11.jpg


I am very particular when it comes to choosing the hotel. The first and most important factor definitely goes to the location of the hotel. I only want it to be around Platinum Mall and the Pratunam market. Next, cleanliness! Once I see just one complaint about any hotel regarding its cleanliness online, it straights away get out from my potential-hotels-list. Lastly, Wi-Fi. One just can't live without the internet nowadays, no? :p

So after four months of going through massive amount of reviews from trusted websites to personal blogs, I decided to settle for Metz Pratunam. Clean and free wi-fi, plus reviews often include that the staff are very friendly(plus point!) and it is few minutes away from the train station and Platinum + Pratunam market.

Getting to Metz Pratunam Hotel

If you're taking the express railway, make sure you cross over the bridge to Phaya Thai BTS. There, look for Exit 2 and keep walking straight.

 photo 1005161_10151710371912389_1139812803_n_zps34004764.jpg

Turn left when you see the first junction, where you'll see this sign above. Walk straight until you spot the Home Mart which looks a lot like 7-11 and a sign which says Petcheburi Soi 11. Turn left.

 photo 46680_10151710371992389_1545665221_n_zpsc0e963fc.jpg photo 1010061_10151710372022389_811328469_n_zps503402e4.jpg

Walk further down and follow the signs leading you to Amari Watergate & Metz Pratunam.  In case you don't know, they are opposite one another.


 photo facilities_zpsf2cf8939.jpg photo home_zps3a6e5828.jpg

Pics grabbed from

The staff were indeed friendly, we were given a nice cup of pandan drink.The space is just right for the two of us and most importantly, the toilets are so clean!

 photo 998021_10151710372082389_893747840_n_zps0ab306df.jpg photo 999044_10151710375022389_778766815_n_zps4fc64a28.jpg photo 1002240_10151710372137389_944198603_n_zps8f9715fc.jpg photo 1010820_10151710372287389_30937431_n_zps00d5144e.jpg photo 998723_10151710372277389_1487816174_n_zpsec541ce0.jpg

I wouldn't say that Phaya Thai is the nearest train station to the hotel, as claimed in the website. Instead, Rathadewi is much nearer. Bought tickets to Mo Chit, where the famous Chatuchak weekend market is at.

 photo 998000_10151710372547389_1477172153_n_zpse760fe0e.jpg photo 1069289_10151710372582389_713285846_n_zps48aff086.jpg

When I searched online on how to get to the market, mostly what I see is : #1. Get a train to mo Chit #2. follow the crowd. Which was what we did exactly and somehow got lost., but later after asking around we eventually found ourselves in the market even without knowing it. That place is humongous!

 photo 1069236_10151710373382389_883725028_n_zps6efc9016.jpg
 photo 1017554_10151710372832389_1790823501_n_zpsba329861.jpg

You've no idea how excited I was as I walked around the market. Shopping makes me feel so alive hahaha

 photo 1003703_10151710373057389_1713712137_n_zps489be52f.jpg

The popular coconut ice-cream.

Initially I was really reluctant to buy any food or drinks from the road side stalls, you really have no idea how particular I am when it comes to food and cleanliness. There were flies all over almost every stall there, some stallholders weren't even wearing gloves urgh! After much persuasion from my brother, I ended up closing one eye and bought one...

 photo 12046_10151710373087389_1395935189_n_zps0b4d7d4a.jpg

..& turned extremely paranoid for the next few hour, fearing for any diarrhea, itchiness or breakouts.(which happens to me all the time, probably allergic to something which I don't know what) But thank God nothing happened. Basically if you are unlike the fussy eater + OCD me, please everything there! They all look yummy to me esp the choc pancake but too bad I just can't bring myself to eat them.

Especially this choconana....

 photo 993918_10151710373587389_543196558_n1_zps20fbe42d.jpg

I get most of my stuff here for 100 baht(S$4). I'd definitely negotiate if I happened to see anything I like that's above S$10. Sadly the "walk-away-from-the-store-hoping-for-salesperson-to-call-back-and-give-the-price-you-want" tactic doesn't work, for me at least. Frustrating!

 photo 944198_10151710373897389_533993366_n_zps3573c979.jpg photo 1000844_10151710374012389_620509670_n_zps47f44771.jpg

We finally decided to leave after more than four hours in Chatuchak, and blisters all over my feet. It is so easy to get lost in here, most of the time we don't know where we are heading to, somehow it seems like we're walking around in endless circles. Most of the shops were closed around six pm + but as night falls there are stalls opened right in the middle of the road.

Goodbye Chatuchak, thank you for all the 4 for 100 baht tops :p

 photo 998510_10151710374557389_1324203399_n_zps901875fa.jpg

Our dinner for that night. Too tired to eat in the end.


Fresh faces of ours the next day. Excited and ready to shop till we I drop!!

 photo 969498_10151710374652389_1845093351_n_zps6d004258.jpg
 photo 995893_10151710375002389_1987085191_n_zpsd0f10c6a.jpg
 photo 1005093_10151710374827389_1170383219_n_zps1a5ebebe.jpg
 photo 970942_10151710375147389_1662021909_n_zpsfe390a5a.jpg
 photo 58197_10151710375207389_654572124_n_zpsa4fbd05c.jpg photo 994506_10151710375467389_206888036_n_zps9d3c101c.jpg photo 1045212_10151710376307389_992146557_n_zpsef0800e2.jpg photo 970093_10151710375542389_34964602_n_zps3e2172c0.jpg
 photo 992874_10151710375622389_233559557_n_zps0b446a97.jpg photo 1010072_10151710376537389_2138669833_n_zps5fe2e6ff.jpg
 photo 969891_10151710376362389_310589564_n_zpsa9feb36d.jpg

 The moment we stepped out of the hotel one the of the tuk-tuk driver approached us and immediately asked where we are heading to. Upon seeing our disinterest in the price, he shouted "Okay, okay. 10 baht ok?" I turned in disbelief and said "You sure 10 baht? Don't lie okay!" to which he replied "10 baht, no more!" (he repeated that like a million times even after we got on his tuk-tuk)

 So that's our first tuk-tuk ride, for 4 freaking bucks woohoo!

 photo 47392_10151710376787389_242526797_n_zpsa406c057.jpg
 photo 267209_10151710378887389_2028790283_n_zps2b64234f.jpg

 Since it was still early, eight am to be exact, we went around places that sell cheap souvenirs. Forgot their names but I remember we bought a lot of stuff for ourselves instead.

 photo 267223_10151710379382389_1220773727_n_zps51e57d95.jpg photo 1016188_10151710379142389_1837433526_n_zpsd7801cf7.jpg photo 65909_10151710376867389_750536831_n_zps49879f79.jpg photo 968995_10151710379547389_1014484496_n_zps220933b6.jpg

After more than an hour, we reached the ultimate shopping paradise:

 photo 1012827_10151710379592389_2117046498_n_zps2d17ec25.jpg
 photo 533591_10151710379692389_2030799603_n_zpsef06e48a.jpg
 photo 47994_10151710379932389_1098471487_n_zpsd23e7c68.jpg

Last picture before I completely forgot about my camera's existence and got lost in my own world...

 photo 998837_10151710380297389_1865704954_n_zps8c0f3d13.jpg

..before taking it out again when it is time for my brother to shop *yawns*

 photo 1005616_10151710380632389_1250978273_n_zps185d50e0.jpg
 photo 969518_10151710380262389_391922375_n_zps17d073e5.jpg

Got to thank my brother for carrying ALL my stuff in his big bag, which is not light at all. After I finished my shopping on one level, guess its weight?

 photo 994524_10151710381092389_1094872793_n_zps5f0f864d.jpg


Anyway if you're planning to come here, do bring a huge bag like what we did so that you can simply store everything inside. With all the cheap stuff here, I guarantee it is so easy to get too carried away, and before you know it you will end up carrying hundred and one plastic bags around which is so inconvenient.

 photo 1012194_10151710381167389_1139428976_n_zps42c213bd.jpg
 photo 969679_10151710381207389_400779749_n_zps0bb3b82c.jpg

Cheap foot reflexology = shiok.

 photo 972217_10151710381527389_711110625_n_zps54c05b86.jpg photo 999490_10151710382072389_698753073_n_zps2616f996.jpg

Once again I was being extra paranoid when it comes to food, but at least the food court is clean. In case you're wondering, yes the noodle tastes as weird as it looks.

 photo 1044214_10151710379437389_1160126838_n_zps2687c3e3.jpg photo 1011957_10151710382837389_199418807_n_zps85e236c9.jpg

Walked to Pratunam Market, where bro managed to get tons of jerseys at a fabulous price.

 photo 1013505_10151710382347389_1622798215_n_zpsa780d860.jpg photo 156099_10151710382847389_1561796262_n_zps132de033.jpg

We then walked to Siam which took us almost an hour but it was totally worth it cos we witnessed so many things that made us reflect and realize how extremely fortunate we are. & lucky us, it started to rain the moment we stepped into Siam Square.

 photo 217300_10151710382937389_1956856359_n_zps7ec56a47.jpg photo 993621_10151710383357389_353614168_n_zpsf7d214c7.jpg

Ahhh craving for TWG macaron now!

 photo P1060224_zps1aa356b5.jpg photo P1060227_zps37e26695.jpg

The bookworm spotted at Kinokuniya, Siam Paragon.

 photo P1060232_zps0ba65324.jpg

Current read.I have yet to watch the movie and it amazes me how much alike the writer is to me.

 photo 1004618_10151710385822389_1171575372_n_zps13f6dcd5.jpg

Walked again to MBK this time round. The place isn't as bombastic as compared to Platinum in terms of its price as well as choice of apparels, but this place is heaven for bags deal! Managed to grab a few for less then ten bucks each. I would have bought more if it wasn't for the fact that I already can't carry everything I've bought since morning.

Anyway did I mention? By this period of time the big bag that bro was carrying around has reached 10 freaking k.g, I couldn't even lift it up on my own. My brother is a superhero hehe, love you!

 photo 1005605_10151710388317389_1719826256_n_zps2277f738.jpg

I send this pic to my Mummy via whatsapp and she said he looks like a karang guni man lol I couldn't agree more.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps34e9feac.jpg

We had KFC afterwards for dinner.

 photo 995120_10151710386132389_902883475_n_zps185b16ce.jpg
 photo 1574_10151710386442389_1435988806_n_zpsa784f2ff.jpg

My handsome oppa spotted in the train! 

 photo 36562_10151710387977389_314196015_n_zps12fb2b72.jpg

Just like Bali, there are tons of stray dogs around my hotel area. Me no like!

 photo 21399_10151710387897389_1694862647_n_zps6ea309f1.jpg

Okay basically that's how I spend my first two days in Bangkok ; shopping, shopping and more shopping. I swear if my foot have the chance to speak up they'd be cursing me to stop walking. Anyway, my third day here is my favourite out of all the days, which I'm gonna blog about soon, so do wait for my next update!

Till then, keep calm and wait for azan magrib my Muslim readers, hehe!


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