Friday, June 21, 2013

..... are officially over! :(

No doubt it was one of  the best highlights of this year! Despite the crazy weekly assignments/tests, it was fun switching roles being a student instead. Not a single morning passed by that I don't feel like going to school, in fact there wasn't any Monday blues at all. I was pretty sure everyone was going to be emotional, tears and all, on the final day and I was right (esp me hehe, whats new)

So anyways here's some pictures of our last day together.. 

 photo a2_zpsa779596d.jpg
 photo a_zps21ed120c.jpg

Last presentation sob sob.

 photo a1_zpsf58e1fc4.jpg

The maths chechers who survived twelve torturous days of what seems to be the driest class we ever have to attend. Kudos to us!

 photo 993001_10151632096893614_2112776271_n_zps7cbbc050.jpg

My dongsaeng, the first friend I made during the induction programme.

 photo b_zps6816ae17.png

& the first people I was put in groups with during our first module together. Ahhh how I miss that class!

 photo c_zps1262f30c.png
 photo 1002720_10151632094893614_731155439_n_zps8beb6cdc.jpg
 photo a4_zpsb3728150.jpg
 photo 206825_10151632883408614_610281530_n_zps32a1ab4e.jpg

Now it's time to ace our practicum and see ya'll again for graduation! Meanwhile, back to reality everybody. *yawns*


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