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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Read HERE if you haven't read the first part!

We started the mission while on our way to the swimming pool the next morning. The first two mission cards!

 photo 13_zps24973da9.jpg
 photo 12_zps87bd387e.jpg

 I don't have the pictures of him greeting, with so much embarrassment may I add, strangers in Korean but I remember them as the hotel friendly staffs. Of cos when greeted in a foreign language they just laughed it off and replied in English, with a smile, unaware that this is a dare.

 photo 1_zps9b127ca0.jpg
 photo 22_zpsadf25df3.jpg
 photo 3_zps3ab8cf2d.jpg photo 4_zps773d6c37.jpg photo 5_zps3759b8e6.jpg

Happy boy is happy. Of cos, this is before he received his next mission :p


 photo 10_zpsdf3f2f78.jpg
 photo 2_zps41a507f9.jpg photo 6_zps9d6ad23b.jpg
 photo 7_zpsadda7f4c.jpg

Amidst all the fun and laughter comes a card that brings terror in Hariz's eyes lol

 photo 8_zps5d27ebea.jpg

& the mission is.....

 photo 9_zpsa66bf86e.jpg

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

There was a Korean family with us when he was doing this mission, whose little daughter later on asked her mummy to record her doing the Gwiyomi too. Sooooo cute. No pictures here cos I was recording the entire time.

 photo 12_zps8c558fd4.jpg photo 11_zpse46cfeeb.jpg

Time to check out, boohoo. You've been lovely Movenpick! We will definitely come back again.

 photo 13_zps672db8c7.jpg photo 15_zps9713d205.jpg
 photo 14_zpsb7aaa678.jpg photo 16_zps875cba8b.jpg photo 142_zps384bd8ef.jpg

Free ice creams & chocs from Asraf. Thank you for all the free food!

 photo 17_zps17ee9584.jpg

The next mission : Find the person who holds the next mission card. Guess who guess who?

 photo 18_zps5a9de582.jpg

That person is the one who took this picture for us. That is Asraf by the way.

The mystery person with the location of the next mission is......

 photo 19_zpseb27abd2.jpg

Hello Nurul! Our oppa's girlfriend teeehee.

The card that she was holding on to stated the location : McD at Beach Station.

 photo 20_zps68b45afd.jpg

This was tried and tested beforehand by the way, and proven possible!

 photo 21_zpsd44929ce.jpg photo 22_zps2515eb50.jpg

If you look closely in his eyes you can see tears lol

 photo 23_zpsf58b7c1e.jpg
 photo 24_zpsfbadfbb5.jpg

Moving on to the next location.

 photo 25_zps29ebbb11.jpg

All smiley before he exploded after reading the mission.

 photo 26_zps1e640104.jpg
 photo 27_zpsda36c77c.jpg

Let you guys watch the video and see for yourself what is his mission, okay?

 photo 28_zps9cab740b.jpg

Reminds me of The Rock in Tooth Fairy!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

 photo 29_zps17073351.jpg

The next mission requires him to hop onto a tram and take a polaroid with a stranger, but since the tram service was closed on that day (of ALL days!), we did it on the monorail instead.

 photo 30_zpsb56a562c.jpg

Oppa daebak!

 photo 31_zps1bf31f32.jpg

Wear the prop given, pose like a mermaid in front of the merlion and later do a jump shot!

 photo 322_zps4ea3a51b.jpg


 photo 32_zps2d6b36c4.jpg
 photo 34_zps2802caa6.jpg

See how bold he is muahaha

 photo 35_zpsb7795cc6.jpg  photo 36_zpsa072876d.jpg

Love you guys max.

Moving on!

 photo 37_zps901fda97.jpg
 photo 39_zps7e5103a5.jpg photo 40_zps7c64cf7c.jpg
 photo 382_zpsc9555d82.jpg

I guess he is loving all the attention.

 photo 41_zps436337f9.jpg


Out of all the missions, he was reluctant the most to do this one. Not only is the place crowded, they are all staring at him. Not a surprise there, I mean, just look at him!

 photo 43_zps437cce94.jpg

Probably the worst ten seconds of his life ever.

 photo 48_zps0c59e274.jpg

My pretty girlfriends.
 photo 46_zpsbcbaa3d0.jpg
 photo 44_zpsab3abf4b.jpg
 photo 47_zpsaeebce0e.jpg

The last mission!

There were three Koreans standing behind us on the travelator & immediately approached us when he saw the Running Man mission card I was holding onto. He took the card and tried to read it but unfortunately doesn't understand English hehe.

 photo 49_zps15ef2f65.jpg

 Missions complete!


Headed to Thai Express for lunch straight after.

 photo 50_zps390b20aa.jpg photo 51_zpsff0330ef.jpg photo 52_zps68689498.jpg
 photo 53_zps894c3d46.jpg photo 54_zps01050297.jpg

I had an unpleasant experience with what I ordered, &when I brought the matter to the manager, he f'ed the chef and later voided my order. But, that caused me seven days of diarrhea. So that concludes, no more Thai Express in the future, for sure.

 photo 55_zpsa9918d30.jpg photo 56_zpsde3f4e59.jpg

Hariz gave a super long and sweet thank you speech to all of us before we go on separate ways. Glad you love this surprise Oppa! To many more years with you and the rest of the girls- Fifteen years and counting, mwah!!

Ending off this super long post with a video (best viewed in HD) of the entire two days.


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