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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Title says it all. I probably left my heart back there in Bali too. :(
Here's a continuation from day one. As I've mentioned in the previous post, this trip was a totally impromptu one so bro & I have absolutely no idea which places to go to and what to do. Lucky for us, we met a friendly man who is not only a genuinely  nice person but most importantly he is uninterested to squeeze all the rupiahs out of our pockets, like most people there. 
 photo a2_zps22e8c10e.jpg
That's him, who arrived at our lobby on time, nine am to be exact, before leaving for our first destination.
 photo a3_zps1b65320c.jpg
 photo a5_zps4980dffe.jpg
 photo a7_zpsc1eaed7a.jpg


 photo c8_zpsf3f8b1af.jpg

Tanah Lot is one of the most popular places of interest here in Bali and I must sat that this place is one of the must go here. There's temples and shrines around which we are not allowed to enter but overall, a truly great experience with nature, and an awesome place for photography, especially during sunset. 
Entry Fee for adults (Foreigner) : RP 30.000 ~ S$3.80
 photo b1_zpscb354df9.jpg
 photo b_zpsf2372a83.jpg photo b2_zps54321773.jpg
 photo a9_zps8af4408d.jpg
When we first enter the place, all we saw were rows of shops selling various souvenirs from bags to apparels, magnets etc, which I got some for myself. It was only after we reached the end of the market when we heard sounds of the waves and instantly bro & I looked at each other, rushed down the road and saw ......
 photo b3_zps65396e1c.jpg photo b4_zpse1aeac13.jpg
A stunning sight, of course so much better when witnessed in real life. I was completely blown away...
 photo b7_zps88cdd06e.jpg
 photo b5_zps91ed0c97.jpg photo b8_zps20ae8f58.jpg
With such magnificent view, how can one not snap pictures with it as the background? In other words, camwhore time, teeehee
 photo c6_zps303d4385.jpg
 photo c1_zpse8d0c49f.jpg
 photo c5_zps269eadff.jpg
Thank God for my monoPod which allows us to take selca pictures without bothering others to do so for us!
 photo c4_zps87df8101.jpg photo c7_zpsd30f2995.jpg photo c3_zpsa40d6516.jpg


 photo d6_zps9a729f5f.jpg
 photo d7_zps2b7f7387.jpg
Nusa Dua is an idyllic place for those who are crazy about water activities. From para-sailing to diving or even snorkeling, you name it they have it. There is also a Penyu(Turtle) Island nearby. Best thing is, everything is pretty cheap! 
Unfortunately because we were here unprepared, we didn't have any swimwear with us so we didn't try out any activities there.Instead, we shot videos underwater using bro's GoPro, sat under the hut facing the sea and later had lunch.
 photo d2_zpsebe68ece.jpg
Love this shot of me!
 photo D_zps9a74493d.jpg
 photo d5_zpsf1ea13a9.jpg
 photo d4_zps20a5e067.jpg
We spent two hours on the beach before leaving for the third destination.

GWK Cultural Park (pronouced as "Gaweka")

The place of the famous Wisnu as well as the Garuda statue. At the current moment the Wisnu statue is not complete yet, but we were told that upon completion it will be taller than the Statue of Liberty. The entry fee is RP 80000 which is around S$10+.
 photo f_zpsccaa730f.jpg
 photo f1_zps71246991.jpg
I look like a freak here haha blame it on the scorching sun, can't even open my eyes. Anyhoot if you're 
planning to go to Bali be prepared to get burnt. The weather is a killer I tell you. Put on your sunscreen lotion and drink lots of water!
 photo f8_zps8524c200.jpg photo f4_zpse7d4cb6a.jpg photo f5_zps391c7454.jpg
 photo f6_zps04658c7e.jpg photo f3_zps26ca9be8.jpg
 photo f7_zps659f8b09.jpg
 photo e5_zps4a90ab9f.jpg
 photo E3_zps7dc7f23a.jpg
 photo e8_zps71a9bc0d.jpg
 photo f2_zpsc55589b2.jpg
From this place you can see the spectacular panoramic view of Bali. I bet it is 1000x better during sunset.
 photo e6_zps8b4772f5.jpg
 photo E4_zps0b177397.jpg
 photo g3_zps986a5f3f.jpg
 photo g2_zpscb1ca578.jpg
GWK is one of the places which offers the best kecak dance, a trance ritual where its performers would repeatedly chant "cak" while throwing their arms up in the air. We didn't have much time to watch that one, but we did manage to catch the Barongan dance.
 photo g_zps414aaf54.jpg
 photo f9_zps54d1b538.jpg
 photo f91_zps326f8390.jpg
The Barongan, according to the mythology of Bali, is the king of the spirits. 
 photo h_zps3fa3ba9b.jpg
When I say jump, you say how high!

 photo E2_zps7020689d.jpg
 photo g4_zps78fa8c27.jpg photo g1_zps2078d99c.jpg
I bought the top and sewed the skirt around October last year with the intention of  wearing it on my birthday but that never happened. It was since then neglected in the wardrobe collecting dust till I totally forgot bout it. So basically all I'm trying to say is that it took me eight months to finally wear this outfit lol
 photo g9_zps3ad5b7b5.jpg photo e7_zps346671fd.jpg
 photo h2_zpsdc6519df.jpg
Hugest yet cheapest(only $1!) coconut drink we ever had. 

to be continued...


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