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Sunday, June 16, 2013

If you're one of my followers on Instagram, you would have known that I had a very last minute getaway to Bali some days ago. How exactly 'last minute', you may ask? Well lets just say, it was another boring lesson in class on a Thursday afternoon and my mind was wandering around when suddenly I randomly asked myself..

" Wouldn't it be fun if I were to have a solo trip?"

Next thing I knew I was on a few airline websites searching for the cheapest flight to Bali. Reason why I choose Bali was that my parents and baby sister were heading there the next day together with Daddy's union group, so while they're touring around the place I could be with myself doing my own thing, explore, wander, get lost and stuff like that. Plus point is that I don't have to fork out for accommodation, since I can stay with them :p

So I whatsapp'd my wondermummy, who as expected, gave me a hundred and one reasons why I shouldn't go on my own, with the excuse "You're a girl!" on the top of the list as usual bleargh. But I guess I have reach an appropriate age to make my own decisions, and when I tell my parents about what I want it is only to inform them, not seek for their permission teehee.

So, I rushed home from class that day and the first thing I did was to search for my laptop and book the flight for the next day right away which means I have less than 24 hours to pack, do my research whatsoever . Of cos my wondermummy wasn't too happy bout it, she thought it was a waste of money cos my air ticket itself costs not twice but lo and behold, more than thrice the usual amount to Bali. 

Oh well, #yolo, lol. 

Anyhoots in the end Mummy got me to bring my brother along cos at the same time she's worried too if my brother was left alone at home. So my lucky brother got a fully sponsored trip to Bali, by his lovely sister aka mua. That's alright I guess, at least I have someone to take pictures of me muahaha.


Okay enough rambling, pictures shall do the talking now!

 photo a2_zps0003e582.png
 photo a_zps106d91ef.jpg  photo a3_zps5af84fff.jpg
 photo a5_zps089f93c3.jpg photo a6_zps068537de.jpg
 photo a7_zps1ecb05a3.jpg

All my life I've never ever been on any other airlines other than the Singapore Airlines, the last time I remember flying with them was the 45 minutes journey to Malaysia three or four years ago. So I was a little bit worried bout my flight cos its a budget airline, and the first thing that came to mind was how small the space could possibly be.....

 photo a91_zps1c32f7ec.jpg
 photo a9_zpsf6aa8dbe.png
 photo a81_zpsc389cfb8.jpg
 photo a8_zps670f9331.png
 photo a4_zps0e7635b9.jpg

After we entered the Departure Hall. Most of the time when I'm at the airport I look at the people behind the glasses of this hall and go green with envy but this time round I'm like "Yes look at me I'm going for a holiday yaw you people ain't going nowhere muahaha" lol

 photo b0_zps7bfe4d18.jpg
 photo b1_zps34946a2b.jpg photo b2_zps8a1883f3.jpg

& there it is, our flight to Bali.

What can I say, the space is not small. It is extremely cramped like crazy. I picked the seat next to the window and it turned out to be the most uncomfortable place to be seated at. I was praying I won't need the toilet for the whole 2 and a half hr cos there's no way I can walk out without waking up the two guys next to me who were already fast asleep even before everyone settle down.

 photo b4_zpsf08bd935.png
 photo b5_zps010912c1.jpg
 photo b6_zps0a344e9f.png

Up we gooooo ~

 photo b3_zps648e1118.png
 photo b7_zps005f2afe.jpg
 photo c1_zpsf3844b53.jpg

Despite the not so pleasant journey, the most important thing is that we landed safely :D

 photo c2_zps5b1f4b56.jpg
 photo c3_zpsc4607995.jpg

Just a tip, remember to ask for the white card from the counter (similar to the one when we enter Malaysia) before heading to the immigration. Yes, you have to ask because no one there will tell you that you have to fill up that card in order for you to be granted entry. One half of the card will be given back to you, so make sure you keep it safe as you have to return it during your departure.

 photo c4_zps30056ec5.jpg
 photo c5_zps7cb9fcb4.jpg
 photo c6_zps820663bc.png

Since we were pretty much clueless bout what to do and where to go, (did zero research on this trip!) we had lunch at BK while going through the many pamphlet that we grabbed from the airport.

 photo c7_zps0dd4493c.jpg

Met a really nice man, Pak Kutet, who drove us to the hotel and even offered to bring us around Bali the next day at a super cheap rate!

 photo c9_zps6f2bf757.jpg
 photo d1_zpsdb03ee1e.png
 photo d2_zps076dcf6c.png

The huge room that is big enough to fit my entire family. Two queen and one single sized bed, plus a balcony facing the swimming pool.

 photo d3_zps3726d2df.jpg

Washed ourselves up and get changed before heading out to Kuta beach! We were told by the friendly staffs  that it is just a fifteen minutes walk away but apparently we got lost and took us almost an hour to reach the beach. Almost got conned by a sales person who tried to sell us three items, one plain "I love Bali" shirt with two batik pants for more than a hundred bucks?!

So travel tips #2. When in Bali, always always always bargain! Once they tell you the price, ask for half the price. Be firm. If they insist they have lowest price and start to raise their voice when you hesitate  walk the hell out from that shop! Just like what we did.

 photo d6_zpsf8e5a05a.jpg photo d5_zps00529721.jpg

woooo excited despite being lost.

 photo d7_zpsb6564465.jpg
 photo d8_zpsd3d8be91.png
 photo d9_zps1e0b1194.jpg
 photo e1_zps9b579d7b.png photo e2_zpsa19e4c3c.jpg
 photo e3_zps4b5c8691.jpg
 photo e_zps8534c95e.jpg

Kuta, in my opinion, looks nothing different from ECP. Except that it is crowded with foreigners, the water isn't as clear as I thought it'd be but at least there's tons of hot surfer dudes hehe. Bro and I walked all the way to the beach club and watched some performances there.

 photo e90_zps4176668b.jpg photo e9_zps31ffbfe1.png

Walked to Discovery Mall to feed our growling tummy..

 photo e8_zps84a39e82.png photo e92_zps2b862943.jpg
 photo e91_zpsde2446f9.png

Had a super cheap meal at Domino Pizza before heading back to the hotel.

And so that concludes my first day at Bali! Shall blog bout the second day soon, which is my favourite day out of the three days I was in Bali. We went to five different places, and highlight of the day was me being attacked by monkeys. Damn hilarious, I tell you.


Alright, it is now 4:34am as I am typing this. In 8 hours time, I will be flying off for yet another getaway. I have yet to pack a single thing, I have no idea where my passport is right now. & worst of all I am still wide awake when I have a long day ahead of me!

Talk to you soon,

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