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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The class had another learning journey two days ago, and this time round it is at Sentosa's Images of Singapore. Believe it or not, this is actually my first time entering that building and boy am I sexcited or what hehe. I remember telling Mas how I am so looking forward to this day from the moment we received our timetable on our first day. How fast time flies!

 photo a_zps8f9d4ee6.jpg
 photo P1010793_zps3c4e9120.jpg photo P1010794_zps5ed4d287.jpg

 photo P1010790_zpsa71c4fa5.jpg

Here's Mai, who used to work at the poly I studied at. Used to talk to her a lot cos she was in charge of loaning of items for us the arts students and now she is my batch mate!That's right folks, the world is indeed a small place. Moral of the story, always be nice to everyone cos you'll never know if you will ever cross their path in the future in the most unexpected situation :)

 photo c_zps99ce7462.jpg
 photo d_zps724272c6.jpg
 photo e_zps5bef88b2.jpg photo f1_zps8fd71cd8.jpg
 photo f_zpsb6bb9669.jpg
 photo g_zps8b0b4cc0.jpg
 photo g1_zpse602da10.jpg

Here we are wheeee

Honestly the place is pretty creepy. I mean the figures all look eerily realistic plus I was told by the tour guide bout some of his personal horrifying experiences while walking around the museum by himself.

 photo g2_zpse1ae230c.jpg photo h3_zps86b239a6.jpg photo h1_zps053e4705.jpg photo h6_zps7a363568.jpg
 photo h4_zps96a6a41e.jpg photo h2_zps84d5b4de.jpg photo g3_zps5cf79436.jpg

Told you they look so real..

 photo h7_zps5d9a38f9.jpg
 photo h5_zpscf5825cd.jpg

Okay bye, got assignments to be completed by tomorrow and I've yet to do anything. *yawns*


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