Last Friday night

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Had an awesome date with this babe last week..

 photo P1010966_zpse9b36dbb.jpg

It was a totally impromptu plan as always but nonetheless a well spend one. In fact the entire night didn't feel like it was enough to update each other about every single bits of  what's happening in our life.

 photo P1010986_zps8bb983b7.jpg photo P1010969_zps6f839aff.jpg
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Walked all the way from City Hall to the esplanade, then to Marina Bay Sands Artscience Museum for the..

 photo P1020014_zpsf0b7b22e.jpg
 photo 5page_zpsc037eb79.jpg

Mummy exhibition!
 Surprisingly cheaper than all the other exhibitions in the Artscience Museum that I've been to..

 photo P1020009_zpsbf27186f.jpg

The entrance.

We entered  the exhibition just in time for the 3D show. Love the visuals that seems so real, and I'm pretty impressed with how the archaeologists and all other people cracked the codes of the mystery mummies.

 photo P1010988_zpsfbbf12a6.jpg
 photo 4page_zpsafb678b5.jpg

Snapped some pictures discreetly using my phone. Don't understand why photography is not allowed.

 photo page_zpsd21da3a6.jpg

& then that's it! We were in the museum for only less than 30 minutes. I guess the only best part of the exhibition is the 3D show and the rest is just a waste of time. No wonder the cheap tickets bleargh. Unless you're a real freak fan for mummies, then I suggest don't waste your time, seriously.

 photo P1010998_zpsc3affe1b.jpg
 photo P1010994_zpsafd9c699.jpg
 photo P1020004_zpsb3b3b08a.jpg

Off to Marina Bay Sands skypark next. My very first time up there and so I was being very jakun taking hundreds of photos of everything, totally acting like a tourist lol

 photo P1020046_zpse40bb93c.jpg photo P1020025_zps6ae9eea0.jpg
 photo P1020131_zpsb8961804.jpg
 photo P1020043_zpsd4d2b7e7.jpg
 photo P1020026_zps1a41eb7a.jpg
 photo P1020033_zps2ce1b6fe.jpg
 photo 6page_zps6f14acc1.jpg

Love this pic of Fiza, so cuteeeeeee ! :D

 photo P1020040_zps1ddca274.jpg photo P1020041_zps5c2a47fe.jpg

The Artscience museum looks like a gigantic iceberg here..

 photo P1020075_zps6fb20e11.jpg

Love her so much. Big sister I never had mwahmwah!

 photo P1020127_zps7068483c.jpg photo 87page_zps65099e05.jpg
 photo P1020121_zps9d24a937.jpg photo P1020092_zpsed442779.jpg photo P1020105_zps0d41cb9a.jpg
 photo P1020115_zps139d2c37.jpg
 photo 9page_zpsf81c9165.jpg

Dine in at TWG @ The Shoppes after that. Had Morocco mint tea (my fav!) and some of the yummy....

 photo P1020111_zps3851f427.jpg

My ulimate fav is the Earl Grey Fortune & Choc! Gosh craving for some as I'm typing this!! *salivating*

Gotta get ready for my Nike run in a bit. Talk to you soon!


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