Hen Party Part II

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Continuation from Hen Party Part 1.

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Signage on our hotel room door. A massive clue on the theme but later the bride to be revealed that she didn't want to enter in the first place as she assumed the room was reserved for some French visitors in the hotel LOL

 photo 382062_10151566010882389_916081146_n_zps63513efd.jpg photo 538016_10151566010897389_149215601_n_zpse15d7752.jpg

Getting the guest of honor to walk in....

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She was in total disbelief of what's really happening, going OMG on repeat which you'll hear in a while :p

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Totally freaked out when she saw the Spice Girls masks.

Less than 20 mins later we received a complaint from the management saying we were too loud yada yada yada and that kinda dampens our mood for the night. So we scraped all activities, had a good talk by the pool and snapped tons of pictures.

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Everyone gave their toast to the bride to be & I came to a sudden realization of how much we've grown already! One by one, everyone of us is bidding single hood goodbye and happily joining the left hand club.

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 photo 401790_10151566013282389_1212928526_n_zps3ec0b315.jpg
 photo 164208_10151566016002389_1827875500_n_zps191c4ca0.jpg photo 58166_10151566016272389_630645691_n_zpsa5e50815.jpg
 photo 389073_10151566016922389_2048978630_n_zps67a892ca.jpg

“Cousins are your ready-made friends for life” 

& I just realized for the first time I sort of "fit in" to the pictures with my cousins lol. Well as you know I only start to don the hijab few months back.

 photo 936906_10151566015802389_1188095881_n_zps922db72d.jpg

Eh? Of cos a selfie shot is a must.

Here's a video edited by yours truly to sum up the whole surprise party!

See you on your big day Sissy!

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