Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yesterday's day out with my babe Fina was awesome! We initially planned to go for a karaoke session cos the throat has been itching for one for weeks, but too bad the rooms were all reserved and since I got my camera with me we came up with an impromptu date idea, so off we board on a random bus to Harbour Front, had lunch and walked through the boardwalk to Sentosa.

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Here we areeee! Few out of the 3428374238 pictures that we snapped.

 photo a9_zpsa1439906.jpg
 photo b0_zpsd5a8fcf7.jpg

Standing in front of USS makes me super excited for my staycation with the Bffs which is in three weeks time :D

 photo b3_zpsc2e1fb5a.jpg
 photo b1_zps89bb3bce.jpg
 photo b2_zpsa6bf213b.jpg photo b4_zpsbc88f976.jpg photo b5_zpsa72659b4.jpg

Candylicious, where we spend most of the time going awww and ahhh the whole time. Everything is so adorably cute!

Walked around and reached the beach station just in time to witness the...

 photo c2_zpsd0dece09.jpg


My camera isn't doing justice to the spectacular view. So much better in real life..

 photo c6_zpse9cc0155.jpg
 photo c5_zps39d1354d.jpg


 photo c3_zpsffa9ee52.jpg photo c4_zps41a27da0.jpg

Miss the beach so much. Reminds me of how often I used to come here in the past, with my tiny sundresses & flowers in my hair.

 photo c1_zps479206ff.jpg

Bought tixs for Skyride which is actually Fina's first time on it.

 photo c71_zps55fc74d9.jpg photo c8_zpscf9743a4.jpg photo c9_zps66e78362.jpg photo c91_zpsff19cc21.jpg
 photo c92_zps7a62fd55.jpg

The two totally cute angmohs who sat together with us. Love how friendly they are!! I was acting like a freak & repeatedly shouting I was scared but these girls were like.. "There's nothing to be scared of, really" in their thick accent lol

 photo d0_zps39b37342.jpg

Freak me yay

 photo d2_zpsce2cd375.jpg
 photo d1_zpsba25b76b.jpg
 photo d4_zpsf40584ba.jpg
 photo d3_zps69f0a991.jpg

Caught a glimpse of the fireworks from the lake spectacular and we watched in total disappointment! Cus we assumed there was no USS after hours last nigh t :(

 photo e1_zps42c09462.jpg
 photo e3_zps12a9ce69.jpg photo e4_zpsc5d18f0c.jpg photo f_zps13c98a05.jpg

Watched the crane dance which I personally feel is...nothing much! It was packed and the crowd was crazy plus worst of all the whole thing lasted for ten bloody minutes only.


Okay that's all! Thanks for the company and I love you so much dear Fina. See you and the rest for our staycation, can't wait! Signing off with my favourite picture of us...

 photo e5_zps1a370b0c.jpg

Gwiyomi,  Gwiyomi!


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