Almost a Mrs

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last night one of my closest girlfriend got herself engaged, and after all these years of being so close to her since she was a single lady up till she met this guy and later witnessing her grow throughout the whole good, bad and ugly journey, nothing makes me happier than seeing them working towards their perfect happily ever after ending.

 photo 1_zpsafc6057c.jpg
 photo 9a_zps7df7d55c.jpg
 photo 2_zpsb43ba5cb.jpg

I am in LOVE with the decoration! So pink that is so me. If you're wondering why on earth is the place decorated this grand when it is just an engagement, well that's because her sister got married earlier that day. So after the reception ended it is time for her shine.

After waiting for an hour, here comes the princess!

 photo 3_zpsa55f605d.jpg\

So pretty!!

 photo 5a_zps1d6ca8f9.jpg
 photo 5_zps460b515b.jpg
 photo 9page1_zpsa9073e73.jpg

Some of the hantaran gifts. The girls and I were eyeing on the Kate Spade lol

 photo 7_zpsd39a5733.jpg

Everyone's rushing to take a picture during the sarung cincin part.

 photo 8a_zps485b29ac.jpg photo 4_zpsb182fbb8.jpg
 photo 8b_zpsf57b7b3f.jpg

Ahh!! Showing off the bling bling!

 photo 9page_zps64fc8d2f.jpg
 photo 9_zps72085642.jpg

With her very gorgeous bride sister. Isn't it awesome having your sister to share your big day with you? I was telling my sister we should do the same thing and she jokingly agreed lol

 photo 6_zps93c05079.jpg

Had to line up to take a picture with the princess...

 photo 8c_zpsd341c5f6.jpg
 photo 9c_zps61ed60ca.jpg

Happy for you babygirl!! Time's gonna fly so fast and without you knowing it, two years will soon be here and you'll be a Mrs!

 photo 9b_zpse1ed8c85.jpg

Now... guess whose turn is it next? ^^


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