Wedding Bells!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The first two out of the many wedding invitations from my friends for this year is here! 

Got to admit I got a tad too emotional especially during my babe Zee's wedding. This big sister of mine, who turned twenty five on her big day, has been one of the closest person in my life. She is one hell of a daredevil, the fiercest I've ever seen. Even my family calls her a gangster, and indeed she's one. Too many pranks and silly stuff we did together, the ones we promised to share with our children in the future.

Seeing the progress of her relationship with her then boyfriend now husband since they were at the honeymoon phase and gradually moving on to the frequent almost daily quarrels, I must say I am genuinely happy for her. I mean there were times, many in fact, that she almost gave it all up but didn't in the end :)

 photo 575893_10151557300485033_1562256677_n_zps72eb3418.jpg

On her solemnization day. Picture was stolen from her best friend's facebook which explains the annoying background colors!

The next day..

 photo a0_zps9b90ee51.jpg

Just noticed my error in that sentence as I am typing this lol

 photo a3_zpsaa037e47.jpg  photo a4_zps5610d0ab.jpg  photo a1_zps9ebd3a3b.jpg  photo 45260_10200429826501540_2107154773_n_zps3acf93af.jpg
Another (stolen) gorgeous picture I got from her Facebook.

Love you so much babe! Can't wait to see the mini you!


And today, is my Pisces twin girlfriend's big day!

 photo b4_zpsbe51282a.jpg photo b2_zpscc149e34.jpg

Play around with one of the effects in my camera which I am still trying to get used to..

 photo P1000791_zps7808fa60.jpg photo P1000790_zps4adaaba9.jpg

My babe looks so lovely!

 photo a6_zpsba57bedb.jpg
 photo a7_zpsba9f6b7a.jpg

Le bff trying to act all candid.

 photo a8_zps40538005.jpg
 photo a9_zps0fdbec45.jpg

Love these pics of us, with and without the effects!!

 photo P1000821_zps0b076e73.jpg
 photo b0_zps59c1c8d7.jpg
 photo b1_zps9f6d9072.jpg

The King & Queen for the day.

Signing off this entry with a few more pics of us,

 photo b8_zps87011ad2.jpg photo b5_zpsb505383b.jpg
 photo b6_zpsa9bf7ad6.jpg
 photo b7_zps4142618d.jpg


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