Zara Sofia's First Birthday Party!

Thursday, September 20, 2018


It really feels like just yesterday that I gave birth to you. (labour story blogged here!) Now you're this precious cutesy girl who understands the world around you a lot better as days go by which makes my world a whole lot better than ever before!

You know, before I was a mom, it baffles me seeing some parents going crazy over their kids' birthday celebration. Some I know even spend extravagantly for a party their kids won't even remember.

When I became a mother. I started thinking about my firstborn's birthday party way before she was even born :p Who am I kidding.  Mom guilt is real and I don't wish to be haunted for eternity for not having a birthday celebration for my firstborn's first birthday. So yup, I ate my own words big time lol

Anyhoots, after much thoughts, Danna and I agreed on a simple shindig, at the comfort of our home. The overachiever in me keep reminding myself not to go crazy over it cos Mini will not remember any of this. We rented a few items from Carousell to make the party #instagramworthy. 

We're pretty sure no adult with no kids wants to spend their weekend at a 1st birthday party (or any kid’s party for that matter) So we only have family and very close friends invited.

Here's the simple dessert table. No need backdrop cos our wallpaper is pretty enough, yay!

Pretty and super yummy cake from Ola Lola. Yes, they did the macaron tower for our wedding.

Food provided by my mom and neighbour, who is also Mini's babysitter. Love her!

Here's my little princess in her princessy dress.

The only "perfect" shot of her in the dress.

Thank God she was well-behaved through out the event despite skipping her naps. Girl even stayed up way past her bedtime. Here's why:

Got friends of cos! Bffs still going strong at 11pm yo.

Auntie and niece of same age.

Time to sing the birthday song..

.. and cut the cake! It's red velvet flavoured and it's super sedap to the maxxxxx

My rock.

My best friends, always. Hopefully our girls will grow up to be best friends as well.

Life is so much better with you my darling Zara Sofia.
Know that Mama & Ayah will always love you & be there for you, always.

xoxo, N

Selamat Hari Lahir Zara Sofia!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Selamat hari lahir yang pertama puteriku. 
Terima kasih kerana telah menjadi pelengkap dan penyeri hidup Mama & Ayah. Terima kasih juga kerana telah mengajar kami erti kesabaran yang luar biasa dan kasih sayang yang tiada batasnya.

xoxo, N

Mini's Play: Aquarius Cove

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ever since my first (and huru hara) play date with Liza and her cutie Alisha some months back, I've been looking forward for Mini to start walking so that we can enjoy playing out together. After seeing how much she (and her mama lol) enjoyed the indoor playground at Changi Airport (blogged here)  and espesh now that she's running all around the place, it's time to plan another play date!

This time round we decided on........

29 Carpenter Street, Level 5, Singapore 059923

I love how super convenient this place is! It's directly opposite Clarke Quay MRT Exit E & Clarke Quay Central. Yoga Movement, where I used to do religiously practise my yoga during my before-Mini-exists-days, is just opposite. That reminds me that I need to get back to the mat reallllly soon.

Anyhoots once you locate the building, you got to enter a restaurant (can't remember the name!) to get to the lift. Once you've reached level five, you will see this.

The entrance fee...

Yup free play for Mini! We went on a Sunday so it was two hours of play time for us.

The place is divided into two parts...

The ocean-themed play area...

.. and the party area.

If you're planning to come here do be sure to check their website in advance to see if there's any party on that day cos if there is one, the playground will be closed

Of cos it didn't take Mini long to get herself comfortable.

Mini's Update - 11 Month

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One more month before the big ONE.