Dear Lil One...

Saturday, August 8, 2020

5 July 2020
Dear Lil One,

Today I found out that I'm carrying you inside me!!

Mini’s Milestone : 34 Months

Friday, July 31, 2020

Remember when this used to be a monthly update thing? I wonder where I find the time to do all that considering how clingy Mini used to be but I'm so glad I did. Some nights when Mini goes to sleep and I feel like I miss her so much, (even tho she's right next to me)  I would go back to these entries and feel like I'm relieving those moments once more. Yes, now that she's a big girl, I am the clingy one :p

So I have only one thing to update and the reason for me sharing it here is because it's kind of a big deal for both Mini and me. It's about a journey that started the day I held Mini in my arms for the first time ever and that journey has now ended...

Happy Birthday, Danna!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Unlike me, Danna's not the one who enjoys celebrating his own birthday. Not even a birthday gift. So no pressure for me to plan anything big for him cracking my head thinking what to get him #saveduitsaye #pressuresonhimforMYbirthday :p But of course being the awesome wife that I am, the day can't go by without me doing nothing. Since Danna was busy the whole week with preparations for the upcoming election, we decided to stay home and invite both our families over. I got a cute DIY cakelet from Butter Studio which is actually for Mini.

 I mean, we all know how excited kids get around a birthday cake, birthday songs and especially candles, right?

 The DIY Cakelet kit comes with a petit cake, two piping nozzles with three colourful piping cream, decorative edible toppings and an instruction card. Love it!

Sis busy finishing up the toppings instead of decorating the cake ehh

The part where we had to repeat 23682389 times LOL

So there it is, a simple celebration for a very simple man.

Happy birthday my dear Imam, best friend and hubBae. I love you so very much and I can't thank Him enough for sending you in my life. You're a great partner and a lovely father, and I pray that you will always be kept safe and blessed, and we will be together forever in this life and Hereafter. ♥️

xoxo, N

1000 Days

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Today, I have loved you for a thousand days. To forever more, baby girl. I love you so much ♥️

xoxo, N

CovEid Raya

Sunday, May 24, 2020

This year's Syawal (and not forgetting Ramadhan!) is definitely something all of us will never forget. As an introvert (who can be an omnivert at best), I am rejoicing the social life alteration and 100% loving the quiet celebration at home. Pretty sure my bank account feels the same way too :p 

 Spending more time at home with my family is the best part of this CB period, even though things can turn into a madhouse with Mini clinging around me 24/7 lol.  The best part is for the first time in my life I get to perform all the sunnah prayers during the blessed Ramadhan with my favourite Imam aka Danna is the one who leads every prayers. How I wish every Ramadhan is like this... 

Anyhoots, Salam Lebaran from my family to yours! Stay home, stay safe guys.

ps: Can I just say that I'm wearing the same outfit for my first Syawal with Danna back in 2017 (blogged here) and after three years I can FINALLY fit back into this small size so YAYYYYY

xoxo, N