Mini Update - 9 month

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Another super late post but better late than never!

Baby girl is now nine months!

Nine months - that's how long I carried Mini inside of me and now she's of that age. We've come a super longggg way since the day I found out I was pregnant (blogged here!) but it sure feels like it all happened yesterday :') I tell Danna this alot - sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mother already.

Quick monthly updates!

i) "Pain!!"
Mini is starting to understand things we say to her. One of her favourite thing to do now is hitting others in their face and whenever she does it to me, I'd scream "Pain!" and fake cry. Then she'd stare at me and stop immediately. Sometimes we even say that her toys are in pain to stop her from throwing them around LOL

Other simple sentences she understands :

- "Clap your hand!"

- "TV? Where's the tv?"
*turns and look at the television*

- "Where's Ayah?"
*turns and look at the door"

- "Cute face??"


She's also scared whenever she hears the word "ohooooor" cos she knew she'd done something wrong:p

ii) Standing up

 She has been doing this for a couple of months with support but now, she can stand steadily without any. The first thing that came to mind when I saw her standing up on her own was "It's finally time to shop for her shoes now!" hehe. On the other hand, this also means leaving her alone on her play mat while I do my own thang is an absolute no-no. 

iii) Cutie Toothie

Why'd you have to grow up so fast? :(

xoxo, N

Ramadhan 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I honestly thought I would have more me-time over the holidays to update this space here but evidently from my lack of updates, I was so wrong. No more me-time now with a baby in tow (spesh an active one!)

Admittedly, I've also been super lazy and unproductive for the past four weeks at home. Lucky me Ramadhan falls on the last week of the school term so I can stay at home most of the time. I've been doing nothing but catching up on Netflix series (13RW Season 2 Y U SO DISAPPOINTING) and spending 80% of my time on bed everyday with the Mini like this.

Ahhh miss that girl already. Can't wait to go back home and romos her!

Anyhoots, Ramadhan is over now. (sobs!!) A very special one cos it's the first year Danna and I are celebrating it with our firstborn. Never mind the fact that I was dead on my feet every single day, starting my day very early and having very little hours of sleep. I really wonder how SAHM do it, cus staying at home was not a healthy choice for me.

A few highlights over the holy month for memory's sake.

Finally get to meet up with my poly girls over at Noriz's house. Been too long since we last get together, just like the good old times. Just realised we have been friends for a decade already!

My BFFs came over to my place for iftar and of course all attention goes to these three cuties. While the guys were busy playing their Fifa, we ladies get to spend our time talking about anything and everything inside Mini's room. Definitely missing our oppa Hariz who's in Abu Dhabi. Can't wait for our Raya reunion!!

Just like last year, our jalan-jalan cari makanan bazaar experience is not complete without a trip to KL. It was Mini's third time on a plane and I'm glad she's so much easier to handle now. Next trip we go somewhere far kay!

xoxo, N

Mini's Update - 8 Month

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A rather relaxing month for both Mama and Mini! Baby eats, drinks and sleep well, and that makes me one happy Mama.

The day she went MIA and we found her in the toilet. That step innocent face - I KENNUT!!

Usual monthly update :D

For Mini

i) First tooth
She had fever for four days that got me and danna so worried sick. I have to admit, I was more concerned about the short getaway we were about to have that week #badmom. Two days before the trip Danna brought her to the GP and he pointed out her tooth! Funny it's not her front teeth that erupted first, it was the one next to it.

Soon no more gummy baby? :(

ii)Wanting to stand allll the time
Looks like someone is finally sick of being on her tummy/sitting all the time. I used to put her at her cot and let her play but now it seems like I can't do so anymore cos THIS happens.

Yup, she's standing up there gais.

iii)Sit and Stand!
This one, she can happily do it again and again. Whenever I say stand, she'd grab on my hands and push herself up. And sit when I tell her to do so. Repeat 3984738947 times before bed and she'll be KO in no time haha! Maybe next time f I get to catch her on camera, I'll update this space with it.

iv) Daddy's girl
These days she only wants her daddy and her daddy only. Just look at how she reacts when I came over to pick her up..

versus when her father picks her up.

Issit you forget who carried you for nine months baby girl?

v)Zara and Friends
So this month she met a few of her friends and it's really interesting to watch how she "play" with them. Someone is bound to cry out loud and it's usually not mini, cos that girl is one big bully I tell you!

The two Zara.


With the birthday girl Alisha Khayla. Both babies look so grumpy for what? lol

Precious two. Look how tiny they were when they met for the first time..

Andddd that's all for this month's update!

xoxo, N

Mini's Update - 7 month

Sunday, April 22, 2018

New month, new milestones!

For Mini

i) Rolling over & Started Crawling
I remember going over to a friend's house when mini was 4 months old. Her daughter is just one day younger than mini, and she was busy crawling all over the living room! This mini on the other hand, screams every time we get her to roll over.  -___-

The paranoid mama got very concerned cos said friend (who is a doctor) talks about how no tummy time can hinder certain developments. Fast forward to two months later, this is considered a major achievement for mini! Even though for now you can only crawl backwards lol

Funny how you spend weeks worrying about what she can't do (as compared to her same aged friends) and suddenly one day BOOM it just happens.

Anyhoots, now that she's happily rolling and wriggling around, changing her diapers and getting her dressed quickly and easy peasy-ly have become a thing of the past :p

ii ) Eating Puree & Porridge
Finally can put my hands on the 4 in 1 Avent food maker I got when I was 6 months pregnant!

Mini's reaction when she had her first taste of puree LOL

She's been really eager to feed herself so usually I help scoop the puree and pass her the spoon. After which she slowly put it into her mouth. The littlest thing she can do now that amazes me so much.

What mini gets on weekdays : fish/chicken porridge with fish and veggies, all prepared by my neighbour.I can't say this enough, I'm so thankful for her!

iii) Able to sit up straight

Dining outside is much easier now that we can just place her in the baby chair YESSAAA.

iv) Little Miss Chatterbox

yadayadayada all day long.

v) Recognise letters
So I watched an episode from a show called How to Raise a Super Baby, where parents send their babies as young as few days old to special classes to help strengthen their memory skills. At first I was like ???? I mean look at them, they're just babies who can't even tell me what their cries are all about! But then I tried out of the strategies and JUST LOOK AT THIS VIDEO


vi) Drinking from a straw
Mini went thru a phase right before my March holidays when she refuses bottle and would scream bloody murder even at the sight of it! So my neighbour gave her a straw in a desperate attempt to get her to drink, which she did! When I heard about it, I thought it was impoosibruu. So we tried at home...

She really did drink using the straw la seh.

vii) Daddy's girl
This one I malas nak cakap banyak lah. This picture and video says it all.


For Mama

i) Body Issues
Remember I mentioned about trying out the WOWO shampoo in this post? Well, that didn't help even a single bit. My hair was falling like crazy to the extend of me getting scared to comb my hair. Other than that, I'm still having a hard time accepting my post partem body urgh. Lately I've been working out at least three times a week, which is crazy because I have to sacrifise my sleep on weekends and wake up at five in the morning cos that's the only time I'm free. I also keep my fitness trainer girlfriend updated of what I consume every single day, just to keep track of what I should be eating more/less. So far I've seen very little progress which I'm so happy for, but still a super long way to go!

ii) Being a Better Person
Despite being busy around the clock and having very little time for myself, I must say I find so much joy doing my mummy duties. Totally adds a whole new purpose to my back then monotonous life. (which I do miss on certain bad days lol) With my mini soaking up everything she sees around her, I realise it's not just about me teaching her, she's teaching me as well. I'm not just shaping mini's characters, I'm shaping mine too. I want her to be kind, so I have to be kind too. I need to curb my language, be a whole lot more patient and control my temper cos I know she's watching me.

I used to tell others how stressed  I am taking care of mini, and most of the assured me things will get easier.

They were wrong, it didn't. I don't think there's a single part of parenthood that's easy.

But here's the thing; it does get better. & so am I as a person. 

xoxo, N

Staycay At Sofitel Sentosa

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I've been missing the beach so much these days and was hoping we could fly to Bali over the recent March holiday. However, the thought of doing water activities with a baby doesn't scream fun at all, not forgetting the fact that I have yet to recover from my traumatic experience in the plane with mini lol.

At the same time Danna and I don't want to stay at home all week so we decided on a staycay and I chose Sentosa!  #closeenough

After much debate, we finally decided on....

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resorts and Spa.

We got the junior suite and I FREAKING LVE this place. I really don't mind another staycay here!!

Look at the spacious rooms.

Mini grumpy cat enjoying the king sized bed.

Got my belated birthday cake hehe

& because we're at an incredibly grand and instagram-worthy place, a family photoshoot is a must, no? 

My heart is full.

xoxo, N