Syawal 1439H In A Nutshell

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

So last year was my first Raya as a wife, this year is my first as a mother. An entire different experience, I must say. Baby boss had stranger anxiety on the first two weeks of Hari Raya and totally refused anyone coming near her, not even those who are passing her duit raya. She'd scream the moment Danna or I leave her sight. Tiring is an understatement when she just wants to cling on her parents and that means I have little time to sit and catch up with my cousins :(

But despite all that, it was a great experience for Danna and I. We enjoy seeing Mini being herself among kids her age (apparently that's the only time we can leave her by herself - when she has other friends around her!). & we sure had fun visiting our friends and family whom we don't get to see often!

As usual first house to visit would be my grandparents’ house. Our first Hari Raya without Atok. No one mentioned about it but I know we can all feel it in the air. :/

But one thing stays the same, new wallpaper every year for that house lulz. My cousins and I had so much fun doing our lil photoshoot around the house :p

Talking about wallpapers we also added one for our master bedroom and living room....

Issit new backdrop for OOTD? WE SO LUV IT.

Mini and Mama matchy outfits from Ariani.

I didn't want to alter the length of her skirt so I made her wear just her top. Purrrfect like a dress.

Selfie with my cousins! So glad I get to see all of them on the first day unlike last year.

My current favourite picture of us :D

Bliss beraya!

Okay I am reading through my past years Syawal in a Nutshell entries and realise this year's is sooo.. mundane in comparison lol. (blogged here) But I did manage to dig up some pics taken at the same spot on the same date. Every first Syawal for the past four year...

2015 : Our very first raya together. We got engaged 7 months before, just 4 months after getting to know each other 😛
2016 : Last raya as singles. Already got the keys to our house and our reno started on the 1st Syawal.
2017 : First raya as married couple! No more halal gap 😂 & I entered my third trimester on the 1st Syawal
2018 : First raya with our firstborn. 

Alhamdulillah for everything 

xoxo, N

Mini Update - 9 month

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Another super late post but better late than never!

Baby girl is now nine months!

Nine months - that's how long I carried Mini inside of me and now she's of that age. We've come a super longggg way since the day I found out I was pregnant (blogged here!) but it sure feels like it all happened yesterday :') I tell Danna this alot - sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mother already.

Quick monthly updates!

i) "Pain!!"
Mini is starting to understand things we say to her. One of her favourite thing to do now is hitting others in their face and whenever she does it to me, I'd scream "Pain!" and fake cry. Then she'd stare at me and stop immediately. Sometimes we even say that her toys are in pain to stop her from throwing them around LOL

Other simple sentences she understands :

- "Clap your hand!"

- "TV? Where's the tv?"
*turns and look at the television*

- "Where's Ayah?"
*turns and look at the door"

- "Cute face??"


She's also scared whenever she hears the word "ohooooor" cos she knew she'd done something wrong:p

ii) Standing up

 She has been doing this for a couple of months with support but now, she can stand steadily without any. The first thing that came to mind when I saw her standing up on her own was "It's finally time to shop for her shoes now!" hehe. On the other hand, this also means leaving her alone on her play mat while I do my own thang is an absolute no-no. 

iii) Cutie Toothie

Why'd you have to grow up so fast? :(

xoxo, N